Chelsea Handler Bets On DeSantis Over Trump, Slams Dog Whistling Republicans In SXSW Chat With Jen Psaki

If Chelsea Handler had to take a guess as to who would survive for the GOP Presential ticket, it would be Florida governor Ron DeSantis over former President Donald Trump.

“I think they will try to grab on to Ron DeSantis, because he’s more directable,” remarked Handler on which candidate the Republican party would gravitate toward.

“Trump is unpredictable,” the comedian added, however, she added, “I don’t know if Ron DeSantis has what it takes to out-trump Trump.”

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“Trump is too crazy, DeSantis seems less unhinged,” added the comedian.

On former reality show host running again: “That scares me” exclaimed Handler.

Handler also mentioned today in her conversation at SXSW with MSNBC host and former White House Secretary Jen Psaki that she’s in talks to return to late night (she didn’t get into any specifics). Handler has been recently guest hosting on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

Toward the end of the session, Psaki in rapid-fire provided a lot of set-up for Handler to riff off when it came to all things Republican. The MSNBC host mentioned how U.S. Rep Majorie Taylor Greene as going to visit insurrectionists in jail. “She should just wait until she’s in jail!” beamed Handler.

“I don’t believe Marjorie Taylor Green knows what she’s talking about; she says whatever she can to dog whistle and stoke sexism and racism,” Handler said.

Her thoughts on Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham’s exchange of texts about the 2020 election.

“It’s refreshing to know that Tucker Carlson hates Donald Trump; I don’t understand the agreement they have,” said Handler.

“I find all these people to be parodies — DeSantis, Tucker Carlson, Marjorie, “They don’t even believe what they’re saying, it’s like dog whistling.”

Her hang-up with Republicans is that they “use to be less government interference, now they want to control woman’s bodies and trans bodies….Why does anyone care what they’re doing to their bodies? But when children get shot in classrooms, that’s not a problem they need to solve?”

Psaki called out Handler’s infatuation with Senator Mitt Romney.

“I’m sexually attracted to him” she said, specifying how he recently dinged Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

At the second SXSW in-person fest since Covid hit, what was very apparent today at the Austin Convention Center: More crowds. And that’s a good thing. While few showed up last year for the conference with Universal Boss Donna Langley last year, both chats for Handler/Psaki and Amazon Studios Boss Jen Salke and Priyanka Chopra Jonas were jammed packed today.

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