Cheryl accused of being in Illuminati with Holly Willoughby after covering her eye in stunning new picture

CHERYL has been accused of being in the Illuminati after she covered her eye  in her latest Instagram shot.

The 37-year-old returned to social media this week and has now shared a post promoting multivitamins – but her pose has got conspiracy theorists talking.

In the shot, the mum-of-one is seen holding two vitamins over her eye – and some followers think she is recreating The All-Seeing Eye or The Eye of Providence symbol.

The symbol is commonly associated with the Illuminati – an organisation supposedly consisting of powerful individuals trying to establish a new world order.

One person remarked: “Here we go another soul seller.”

Another added: “I was only saying the other day that i was convinced she was part of it too and here were are.”

While someone else remarked: “I can see you have chose the wrong side too.”

As a further person said: “Sold her soul”.

The Eye of Providence typically appears as an eye inside a triangle and can be seen in many places from churches to dollar bills.

The mysterious motif has led theorists to believe it's a symbol of a shadowy sect manipulating the workings of the world.

Her post comes just days after This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby was accused of also being a member of the Illuminati as she posed with a large crystal over her eye.

Cheryl posted for the first time in a year last week and has now opened up about her social media break.

She told Yahoo!: “Everyone should take a break from social media.

"I think it's healthy for you. It's so peaceful."

The star also revealed she had taken up yoga during lockdown and delivery food boxes, because she got “fed up” thinking about what to cook.

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