Chris Harris speaks out on making changes to Top Gear ‘We needed a different look’

Top Gear: Paddy, Freddie and Chris star in trailer for new series

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Paddy McGuinness, Chris Harris and Freddie Flintoff return for the 32nd series of Top Gear on Sunday. After taking a break from international travel during the pandemic, the boys are back on the road kicking off the series with a tour of Florida. Speaking to, the BBC presenters revealed they were thrilled to go overseas. 

Discussing the road trip, Freddie said: “It was fun. It was such a nice time to do it because none of us has really travelled with everything that’s going on in the past few years. 

“I think everyone was just ready, us, the crew, there was a real nice feeling to it. 

“We started off on Ocean Drive in Miami, the sun’s out, we’ve got an RV with the three of us and we’re gonna do some races.

“Honestly, it was such a good trip and I think that probably comes through when people watch it, which is nice.”

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Chris continued: “We really enjoyed celebrating the British Isles for the two years that we’ve gone through lockdown.

“But I think we exhausted the places we can go and we needed a different look and feel so we felt it was great to get away. 

“And Florida is a pretty curious place, most Americans can’t understand Florida. The Florida guy, the Florida man is a thing, isn’t it?”

Paddy revealed he was “swept up” in the laid-back beach culture. 

“It’s amazing out there the culture and the way they live,” Paddy added.

“It’s very much outdoorsy, you very rarely saw anyone with a shirt on and this guy came over, he was about 60 or older and he was doing press-ups on his hands. 

“I just got swept up in it all I loved it. I really liked it touring round and the challenges and everything else. It was a really good trip.”

Series 32 is the sixth one with Freddie, Chris and Paddy at the helm. 

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In Sunday’s episode, the trio are sent on a motorsport mission now all three presenters have their racing licences. 

Team Top Gear goes up against Florida locals in a host of weird and wonderful events. 

Paddy, Chris and Freddie try their hands at dank-car drag racing, a swamp buggy shoot-out and a NASCAR-style showdown. 

The presenters will be travelling across the Sunshine State in an RV.

Later on in the series, the presenters will go head-to-head as they train to become HGV drivers.

In true Flintoff style, Freddie will take on one of his scariest stunts to date as gives bob-sleighing a try.

Meanwhile, the presenting trio will go up against each other as they go each go on the hunt for a second-hand car for under £500.

Top Gear returns to BBC One on Sunday at 8pm.

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