Comic Joe Rogan SLAMS Gal Gadot and celeb pals as ‘f***ing idiots’ for singing Imagine during coronavirus pandemic – The Sun

JOE Rogan slammed Gal Gadot and other A-list celebrities who sang in the viral Imagine video as “f*****g idiots” for their "tone-deaf" timing during the coronavirus pandemic.

The outspoken podcast host, 52, went OFF on the Wonder Woman star who received mass backlash after her star-filled Instagram video was criticized for “not helping’ fans.”

The 34-year-old DC star posted the cover of the John Lennon classic last week and has since racked up nearly nine million views on her page alone.

While Gal was in her sixth day of self-quarantine, she confessed she felt “philosophical” and recorded the message to uplift her fans.

"I ran into this video of this Italian guy playing the trumpet on his balcony to all the other people who are locked inside their homes.

“And he was playing Imagine and there was something so powerful and pure about this video, and it goes like this,” the actress said before she began singing the inspirational tune.

Big names including Natalie Portman, Zoe Kravitz, Will Ferrell, Mark Ruffalo, James Marsden, Amy Adams, Jimmy Fallon and Kristen Wiig all took turns singing lines from the song.

Norah Jones, Maya Rudolph, Jamie Dornan, Sarah Silverman, Leslie Odom Jr., Pedro Pascal, Chris O’Dowd and Cara Delevingne also starred in the now-famous video.

During yesterday’s episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the funny-man was joined by fellow comic Tom Segura and dragged all of the stars involved in the video.

He fired off: “Did you see that Imagine song that all those knuckleheads got together to sing? Imagine there’s no heaven?

"This is not the time, when everyone's granny is dying, you f*****g idiot, to sing, 'Imagine there's no heaven.’"

Tom then chimed in that he “gets the sense” that the group feels like “they did something significant.”

The Fear Factor host agreed: “Yeah she’s so happy. Gal Gadot or whatever the f**k her name is – Wonder Woman. She’s got a beautiful smile on her face and she’s so happy. It’s like she’s seducing you.”

He continued to slam the group of participants: “It’s a terrible version. You guys SUCK at singing! Why are you even singing publicly? It’s such a dumb move.”

While he made it clear he is NOT friends with the brunette beauty, Joe revealed what he would say to her in this situation if he was:

“I would have to say, ‘Listen, you’re awesome. I think you’re great. But, that is a ridiculous idea. It is so lacking in self-awareness and so ridiculous.

“What I would do, even if I wasn’t a comic, if I saw someone do that, I’d be like, ‘What in the f**k do you think you’re accomplishing with this?’”

Many fans agreed with the comedian and spoke of their struggles during the global pandemic.

“This is cute and all but a lot of us are out of work. Myself and all of my friends sooooo… you’ll still be rich while we scrounge to get by. We aren’t in this together, appreciate the sentiment though…" one fan commented.

Another person wrote: "BOO donate if you really care about the world," while a third added: "A song won't help us at this point."

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