Comics Rob Beckett & Romesh Ranganathan up for hosting Brit Awards

AFTER four years hosting the Brit Awards, Jack Whitehall announced a few weeks back that he is handing over the baton for the year’s best event.

The news, prompted by Jack’s filming commitments when the ceremony takes place next spring, means organisers must find someone else to take charge, in what have become difficult shoes to fill after Jack’s very solid tenure overseeing proceedings.

But I reckon I’ve come up with the perfect solution for show bosses in comic duo Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan — whose two-handed Sky series Rob & Romesh Vs . . .  regularly has me in stitches.

And in an exclusive ­interview I was pleased to find Rob agrees with me — and even better, he’s got no qualms about dishing out digs at the great and the not-so- good of the music ­industry.

And I can think of one or two who are long overdue a reality check.

Funnyman Rob says: “I’d love to do the Brits, I think it would be great. I’ve always watched it — the good ones, the bad ones and the mad pairings — but I’d like to do it with Romesh.

“I think that would be funny. He’s into hip-hop, I know all the pop stuff and I’m into my indie music, but we’re not really ‘musicy’.

“You know some people are like, ‘Hey, I’m a Radio 1 DJ and listen to loads of new music’, and I think we’d be able to slag them all off because we don’t really care.”

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The South Londoner adds: “Jack was brilliant because he really goes in on them and they laugh along.

“But because me and Romesh aren’t bothered about being pals with all the music people, we can give them some s*** then just leave.

“Also it’s just 20 minutes from my house.”

If you land the job, lads, let’s call it ten per cent?

Harry dotty for Judy

THERE is little Harry Styles can’t carry off fashion-wise, or so those in the know tell me.

So if he wants to dress up as Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz, all power to him.

The former One Direction singer turned solo star took to the stage at New York’s Madison Square Garden dressed as the lead character from the classic film, accompanied by a Cowardly Lion and Tin Man in his band.

Skipping across the stage in ruby slippers, red tights and a floral checked dress – complete with a rainbow flag tucked into his waistband – the star embraced the camp spectacle before bursting into a rendition of Judy Garland classic Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Harry’s one of the stand-out artists of his generation and a total trendsetter but I’m hoping this is a look which doesn’t catch on.

It’s not something I really fancy wearing –  even for Halloween.

Boy wizard

ONE is a geeky nerd who has pulled off an extraordinary magic trick . . . the other is Harry Potter.

Poor Sam Thompson, who always looks like he can’t believe his luck in landing his stunning missus, donned a Hagrid outfit for Halloween, pairing a baggy jumper with a beard and wig to hide himself almost entirely.

Meanwhile, glam girlfriend Zara McDermott took more than a few liberties with her interpretation of the boy wizard.

Shunning the more traditional cape and broomstick elements of the ­Hogwarts uniform, the Made In Chelsea beauty opted for a short miniskirt, mega-tight fitting top and school tie – plus thick, round-framed specs, all neatly packaged in one sassy pose alongside her slightly awkward-looking boyfriend.

There’s not even a magic wand, for God’s sake.

Scott split bid

HE had a string of hits with Nineties boyband Five but Scott Robinson claims he was told he was not allowed to quit in 2000 – a year before they officially broke up.

He said: “We were the guinea pigs of the Nineties, I think. Today, managers and records labels wouldn’t treat their artists the way we were treated.

“I had a bust-up in Simon Cowell’s office and I was thrown out of his record company because I went a bit mad. I just wanted to leave.

“At one stage we were having bust-ups backstage, and on Top Of The Pops, and there wasn’t anyone helping me – they were just saying, ‘Get on the stage.’ ”

Scott, who has reunited with bandmates Ritchie Neville and Sean Conlon for new album Time, available to pre-order from December 3, said he eventually had a mental breakdown.

He added: “We were mentally drained and exhausted.”

Tom's a sex symbol

HE may not be stripping shirtless on Instagram every day but Tom Grennan has found himself to be a bit of a sex symbol.

The Don’t Break The Heart singer, who has just announced a series of massive shows for next summer including in his hometown Bedford, told me he spent the majority of his 2021 tour swerving lingerie.

Tom said: “I had a lot of people throwing bras at me at gigs.

“I thought that only happened with Robbie Williams. It does kind of put me off. I’m like, ‘Why are you taking your bra off?’”

Laughing he added: “During a gig, one came flying past my head. It was the first bra I had seen thrown and it was like a hammock flying through the air.

“There could be worse things thrown at me.”

If you ask me Tom you’re lucky – the only thing I’m trying to swerve these days are speeding tickets.

Ed’s domination

“LIFE is changing tides,” sings Ed Sheeran in the opening track of his new album, Equals, released last Friday.

And perhaps the only thing more predictable than night following day is Ed’s domination of the charts – and now he has done it again.

The album has shot straight to the top – and a sneak peek at the mid-week figures reveals he’s also on course to dominate the new singles list – with three in the Top Five.

New data shows his latest track Overpass Graffiti, also released Friday, is set to debut at No1, with Adele’s Easy On Me down to No3 while Ed’s other recent hit, Shivers, climbs back to No2.

Elton John and Dua Lipa are in fourth place while the singer’s first single from Equals, Bad Habits, has also returned to the Top Five.

A top spot for Overpass Graffiti would be a twelfth UK No1 for Ed, and his third this year alone.

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