Coronation Street Christmas spoilers: Tragic death, illness, sex scandal

Christmas Day is set to put a festive smile on the faces of Coronation Street as Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) and Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) both get lovely surprises – but Fiz Stape’s (Jennie McAlpine) shock is a little less welcome!

However, New Year gets off to a miserable start for Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) and Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell) when they cover up a death while Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) is hiding something…

Christmas Day

Under the Kiss-letoe

As Tyrone and Evelyn prepare their Christmas dinner for two, they’re interrupted by the arrival of Fiz with the girls. Tyrone is thrilled to realise she cancelled the holiday, even if it does mean spending the day with Phill.

With a rescued pigeon, Phill’s visit to his mum and an ill-timed kiss from Tyrone, will there be peace and goodwill amongst men?

Alone in the cafe, struggling with her anxiety, Nina gets a very special Christmas present from Carla, who’s really concerned for her. Nina admits she’s struggling.

As Audrey cracks open the wine for breakfast, Gail declares she’s not lifting a finger, David slams round in a grump and Peter and Carla do a runner, Sarah despairs over their ungrateful families. With everyone gone, Adam takes her in his arms, suggesting their real Christmas starts now.

George and Todd lead a blindfolded Eileen to the undertakers, where George reveals his surprise gift.

Having swerved their respective families Nick, Leanne and Sam join Daisy, Emma, Gemma, George, Todd, Bernie, Dev and Ed at the pop-up bar.

Dragging the Rovers’ piano over to the Christmas market, everyone gathers round as Billy launches into song. Jenny congratulates Daisy on orchestrating such a lovely Christmas.

Boxing Day

Flower Power

Abi’s furious to find Kelly has left flowers in Seb’s memorial garden. Spotting her enjoying a meal in the Bistro with Dev and Aadi, Abi plonks herself at a nearby table and stares at Kelly with pure hatred.

Kelly’s unnerved and Dev messages Kevin about Abi’s behaviour. Kevin tries to reason with her, pointing out that terrorising Kelly will do no good, but Abi’s unrepentant, vowing that soon she won’t have to worry about Kelly.

When Nick overhears Sam speak to Hope on the walkie-talkies she got for Christmas, he’s overjoyed that he has finally broken his silence. However, when Sam discovers that Nick was eavesdropping, he worries they’re back to square one.

Nina explains to Asha how she’s suffering from anxiety and lives in constant fear that something bad will happen to the people she loves. Asha suggests they sync their phones so she’ll always know where she is.

Having found out that it was Gail who put George up to the Christmas present idea, Eileen tells her she’s deranged. Gail’s genuinely puzzled by her ingratitude.

Monday December 27

Fizzled out

When Phill suggests the girls might like to call him stepdad, Fiz reckons it’s a great idea. Phill then reveals he has seen a super family house but understands if she’s not ready. How will Fiz respond? When Fiz drops the bombshell that she wants to sell No.9, Tyrone’s shocked.

Having spent the night at Asha’s, Nina feels refreshed and gives Asha her Christmas present, a framed drawing of the two of them. Asha is overcome and Dev’s pleased to see her happy again. However, when Asha calls in the café, she finds Nina suffering from another anxiety attack. Asha does her best to reassure her.

Todd begs Eileen to give George another chance. When George presents her with a new winter coat and reveals he has booked a table at the Bistro, will he be forgiven?

Leo invites Jenny out for a drink but she refuses to commit. Leo masks his hurt. Jenny asserts that Leo is too young for her. Daisy thinks she’s mad and deserves some fun.

As Abi bars Kelly on her way into the barbers, Imran watches concerned. Abi tells Imran that she just wants Kelly out of her life for good. But when Imran reminds her that she has done some pretty shameful things herself, Abi slaps him across the face.

When Maria asks Kelly why she failed to turn up to work, with Abi’s eyes boring into her, Kelly lies that she couldn’t be bothered. Maria tells her she’s fired.

Craig later finds Kelly in a state, having taken some spice. At the police station, Craig urges her to get help before she ends up back in prison. But does Kelly have anywhere to turn?

Tuesday December 28

Spice girl

Abi listens as Aadi rails at Dev for making Kelly homeless again. When Aadi reveals that Kelly has turned to drugs, even Abi’s taken aback.

At her drugs support group, Abi shoots Kelly a look of pure hatred as she describes her troubled upbringing, how she has done some terrible things and used drugs as an escape route.

Feeling a flicker of empathy, Abi then bares her soul to the group.

Back on the street, Gary suggests to Maria that they could offer Kelly a roof over her head. Will Maria agree?

Tyrone asserts the house is rightfully his and he’s not selling it, but as Fiz explains to Evelyn that Tyrone has ruined her happy memories of Number 9 and she needs a fresh start, Evelyn’s saddened.

Evelyn tells Tyrone it’s his duty to do right by Fiz and the kids and if that means selling the house, so be it. Will Tyrone agree?

Craig and Faye return from another stressful driving lesson.

Leo invites Jenny to come and watch him play rugby. Apologising to Leo for blowing hot and cold, will they kiss and make up?

Sarah thanks Lydia for not letting her meaningless fling with Adam spoil their friendship. Realising those are Adam’s words, Lydia’s quietly fuming. Adam suggests they book a posh hotel for New Year’s Eve. Sarah’s won over.

New Year’s Eve

A new (bar)low

When the waiter at their posh hotel makes a joke about Adam leaving his wallet last time he was there, a prickly Sarah wonders why he has brought her to the same hotel where he slept with Carla.

The mood is further ruined when Sarah quizzes him about his fling with Lydia. Can Adam talk Sarah round?

Daisy catches Jenny putting on her makeup at 5am as she doesn’t want Leo to wake up and see her naked face. As he chats about his New Year’s Eve plans, Jenny’s more aware than ever of their age gap. Will she be spending New Year alone?

When Maria offers Kelly her old job back, Kelly’s thrilled and Gary’s grateful for her kindness.

Kevin implores Abi to stop obsessing about Kelly and move on.

Can she finally move forward?

Monday January 3 Part One

Driven to despair

As Faye drives a still tipsy Emma back from their New Year’s Eve party, they knock over Ted, an old man carrying his shopping. The girls are relieved when he opens his eyes and states he is fine and invites them into his flat for a brew. Emma is shaken when back on the street Imran spots Emma is worse for wear and says she shouldn’t be in charge of a learner whilst under the influence and if they had an accident she would be in trouble. Emma and Faye decide to return to the flat to check up on Ted and apologise.

At No.13, Abi is wondering what on earth she’s going to do if she is pregnant. When Toyah questions where he disappeared to last night, Imran lies that he was watching the fireworks. Abi meets up with Imran in Victoria

Garden and tells him she plans to do a pregnancy test and if it’s positive, Kevin deserves the truth. Neither of them spots Kevin approaching, what has he heard?

Tim and Sally kick off the new year with a smoothie as part of their new healthy regime. Tim tells Peter that he’s booked both he and Sally in for health checks with Dr Gaddas.

Adam offers to take Harry for a kickabout. Sarah agrees but remains frosty towards him. When Adam tears a strip off Lydia for bitching about him to Sarah, Daniel’s taken aback. Nick leaves Sam in the cafe watching Mary play a game of chess. Sam listens to Hope chatter away over the walkie-talkie but still doesn’t talk.

Monday January 3 Part Two

Pregnant Pause

Abi lies convincingly to Kevin and makes out that she and Imran were rowing over Kelly. Abi calls at the builder’s yard flat. As Toyah buzzes her up, Imran’s heart is in his mouth.

Having successfully passed their health checks, Sally reckons they deserve a treat, but Tim’s reluctant and it’s clear he’s hiding something. As a furtive Tim takes a call confirming an appointment, Sally’s none the wiser.

When Mary suggests Sam might like to come back tomorrow and have a lesson Sam smiles and nods. Sarah calls at Adam’s office. Adam assures her that he only cares about her and Harry and couldn’t care less about Lydia. Sarah thaws towards him.

Emma and Faye vow to keep the accident a secret. Craig is keen to make plans for moving in with Faye.

Tuesday January 4

Key to revenge

Having won his case, Adam is furious to see that someone has keyed his car and accuses Lydia of keying his car and trying to drive a wedge between him and Sarah. Lydia assures him she had nothing to do with it, but as Adam leaves, she’s clearly shaken and arrives at the factory for a business meeting clearly drunk. Gavin, her boss, is furious whilst Sarah’s concerned for her.

Adam is quietly pleased when Sarah tells Adam about Lydia turning up for the meeting drunk but he is shocked when Craig says that it was the disgruntled loser of the court case who keyed his car. Sarah is furious to hear how Adam accused Lydia and lost her her job. He apologises to Lydia and says he will speak to her boss but she refuses his help.

disappointed when Tim refuses to join her for a run, making out he has to work. Tim gets a text confirming his cardiology appointment at 3.00pm. When Sally finds out from Peter that Tim lied about having to work, she’s troubled.

A nervous Tim attends his appointment with the cardiology consultant. The consultant explains that he’ll need an angiogram. He rushes out dropping his wallet, when Aggie returns it to the house he asks her not to tell Sally about the appointment as he doesn’t want to worry her. Sally meanwhile thinks he is embarrassed to be seen out with her.

When Marrium offers to help with the decorating at Speed Daal, Zeedan’s pleased. Alya’s deeply unnerved. As Sam settles down to a game of chess with Mary, Nick watches, pleased to see his son enjoying himself at last. Zeedan assures Alya that Marrium will be returning to London very soon and out of their hair.

Wednesday January 5 Part One

Bypassing the truth

insists Tim goes on a run with her but worried about his heart he is going too slow and lets Sally go on ahead. Aggie secretly goes with him for his appointment after he refuses again to tell Sally but Tim is shocked when the consultant tells him he needs a triple heart bypass.

As Yasmeen and Stu get the restaurant ready for tomorrow’s reopening, Alya reminds Zeedan that it’s time he got shut of Marrium. In Victoria Garden, Zeedan and Marrium admit they’re going to miss each other and kiss tenderly.

When Daniel wants to know why Lydia lost her job, a frosty Sarah suggests he asks Adam.

Wednesday January 5 Part Two

Heart not in it

The consultant warns Tim that without an operation, his next heart attack could be fatal. Tim struggles to cope with the diagnosis and remains in denial despite Aggie imploring him to listen to what the consultant has said. Sally is hurt when he refuses her suggestion of a sexy night in.

When Craig reveals that he’s arranged for them to move into the salon flat with Tyrone and Emma, Faye does her best to hide her unease. Emma heads home to find Craig and Faye on the doorstep with their bags. She’s not happy to discover they’re moving in.

Zeedan confesses to Marrium that he’s still in love with her and reckons they should give their marriage another chance. Marrium admits she feels the same and suggests she moves up to Manchester, Zeedan’s taken aback. How will Alya react to this development

When Lydia reveals that Carla’s given her the PA job at the factory and it was Adam who sorted it out, Sarah’s pleased for her and Adam’s relieved to have finally got something right. Sarah finds Adam busy cleaning the word ‘scum’ off his office window. Adam reckons it must be Jeremy Bremner’s doing and he still hasn’t got over his boundary dispute.

In the cafe Mary sets about teaching Sam some famous chess moves.

Having borrowed Hope’s walkie-talkies, Nick plays chess with Sam in the bistro and Sam talks to him for the first time since his Mum’s death. Nick’s overjoyed.

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