Coronation Street rocked as a dead body is found in new spoiler video

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Michael and Ronnie Bailey (Ryan Russell and Vinta Morgan) are left shaken in a new Coronation Street video as they hear the news that Rufus Donahue has been found dead.

Having been unable to get hold of him for their meeting the night before, Michael decides to pay him a visit at the mansion he rents.

In the new spoiler clip, the two men approach the house, which has been cordoned off by police.

Curious, they approach an older lady sitting in the back of the car, a blanket draped over her shoulders, and ask what’s going on.

Michael explains that he is a business associate of Rufus’, and was supposed to have a meeting with him.

Traumatised, the woman reveals that she found him dead that morning, having drowned in the pool.

Speechless, the pair head off, leaving with more questions than they arrived with.

With Rufus gone, what will this mean for the future of Nippersnapper and Underworld?

While this may seem like a big deal, little do they know, they may have bigger issues to contend with.

Boss Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) has a terrible history of resorting to extremes when things don’t go his way, and by extremes we mean murder.

Viewers will know that Rufus has been blackmailing Stephen after learning that he had drugged Carla Barlow (Alison King) with LSD.

With pressure on, and recent spoilers suggesting that Stephen drowns his next victim, could there be some foul play involved with Rufus’ death?

Has Stephen struck again?

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