Coronation Street shock as Geoff Metcalfe dies while being pecked by chickens after trying to murder wife Yasmeen

CORONATION Street delivered a shock tonight in its 60th anniversary special episode as villain Geoff Metcalfe was killed off.

The abuser – who was played by actor Ian Bartholomew in the ITV soap – fell off the roof to his death after trying to murder his wife Yasmeen Nazir.

He slipped and fell to his death, dying being pecked by Yasmeen’s surviving chickens.

Viewers will remember how he killed and forced Yasmeen to eat her favourite chicken Charlotte Bronte.

Earlier in the episode Geoff’s plans unravelled as his new life abroad with Christine slipped away from him.

He was even caught stealing cash from Speed Daal giving Alya a chance to have him arrested immediately.

Blocking his way as he tried to escape, Alya decided to taunt Geoff after successfully destroying his life.

She said: “Christine can’t make it tonight, or tomorrow, or the next night. 

“I popped in on the way home from the police station. Nice lady. Now I’ve shown her all the press reports. 

“Now she knows the villa with the olive grove was going to be bankrolled by my gran. Oh and that all of your family aren’t talking to you. 

“You can’t blame a girl for getting cold feet, can you?”

And Alya couldn’t resist telling Geoff of her plans to shop him to the police in the morning, giving the villain one last chance to get away.

Picking up the heavy cash box, he swung it at her and knocked her out cold in the restaurant before heading back to the house to terrorise Yasmeen once more.

On the way he called Christine and she rejected him, leaving him even more furious and out of control.

With murder on his mind, Geoff got a lighter and some lighter fluid before going to confront Yasmeen.

She was busy collecting what remained of her family keepsakes in the house before being scared by a noise downstairs.

At first she thought it was just one of her beloved chickens escaped, but after shooing Emily Bronte out Geoff appeared behind her.

He locked her in and started ranting about how he was going to punish her.

“You won’t need nicknacks where you’re going,” he threatened.

Bitter that his entire plan to flee the country had been ruined, he raged and began spraying the house with lighter fluid.

Geoff then told her he had killed Alya, leaving Yasmeen begging for her life – and trying to pacify the abuser.

Flicking his lighter, Geoff held it alight and realised that he had nothing to lose.

“It’s too late,” he cried. I’m a pariah.”

Forcing her to drop her phone, Geoff sprayed more lighter fluid before dropping his lighter and setting fire to the house.

As it burned Yasmeen fled upstairs to the attic with Geoff in hot pursuit.

She climbed out of the skylight, screaming for help but no-one could hear her over the protests outside to stop Ray Crosby’s development.

She was forced to clamber up onto the roof and hold onto the ridge, as Geoff threatened her and followed close behind.

“It’s hashtag me you and my money’s on me,” he said.

But as he got closer to Yasmeen, Alya appeared behind Geoff and hit him over the head, knocking him off balance.

Yasmeen then raged at him and found her strength to stand up to him.

“You pathetic excuse for a man,” she said. 

“You’re not fit to lace my boots. I’m not scared of you anymore. If the plan is to push me then you just look me in the eye and know I’m not scared of you anymore.”

And as Geoff jumped to try and kill Yasmeen he slipped and fell.

Even still Yasmeen tried to save him, insisting she was better than him, but it was to no avail and he fell to his death off the roof.

And in a twist that only Corrie could pull off Yasmeen’s chickens, murdered Charlote’s sisters, pecked at him as he died leaving fans overjoyed.

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