Coronation Street shock exits – the five most unexpected exits in the soap’s history

Corrie: Jane Danson says Roy Cropper is 'reasonably okay'

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Coronation Street wouldn’t be a soap without some dramatic exits and deaths, and the show has had some famously shocking exits. Corrie fans are overjoyed as popular character Roy Cropper, who made a surprise exit from the show last month, is due to return to the cobbles for an episode this Christmas. The fan-favourite’s departure from the show in November caused outrage, but this isn’t the only exit that riled up regular viewers. breaks down the five most unexpected exits from Weatherfield.

Roy Cropper

David Neilson’s character Roy Cropper was a huge part of Coronation Street for 26 years, but the actor supposedly left the Cobbles for good at the end of November.

Roy couldn’t cope with the stress of knowing who killed Natasha Blakeman and decided to leave Weatherfield to take a job as a chef in South America.

He signed over the Roy’s Rolls cafe to his niece Nina and hasn’t been seen again since November 24.

Fans were outraged at this shock exit, but are thrilled to hear the rumours that Roy is set to return to Corrie for a huge Christmas story.

According to the Sun, 72-year-old David Neilson was spotted back on set to film a Christmas episode.

A source told the publication: “David took a couple of weeks off but will be on screen again in a few weeks.

“Viewers are going to get quite a shock and he’s set to be part of a dramatic storyline.”

Perhaps Roy hasn’t totally abandoned his friends and family, after all!

Pat Phelan

Pat Phelan’s exit from Coronation Street in June 2018 was a huge shock to viewers.

The Scouse builder, played by Connor McIntyre, died after 258 appearances on the show.

Pat was a liar, rapist and murderer and after his crimes were exposed, his business partner’s wife Anna Windass stabbed him in the chest.

His threatening final line to Michelle Connor was: “You wouldn’t risk getting locked up, lying for her.”

Callum Logan

Callum Logan (played by Sean Ward) dramatically left Coronation Street in September 2015.

After 114 episodes featuring the criminal drug dealer, Callum was murdered by ex-partner Kylie as he was assaulting Sarah Platt.

His body was buried by Kylie and David Platt under 8 Coronation Street’s annexe and was not uncovered until the manhole covering Callum’s body collapsed the following year.

This grisly end caused mixed reactions in fans, but it’s safe to say that most viewers were glad to see the end of him!

Tina McIntyre (Coronation Street)

Rovers Return barmaid Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) was on the show from January 2008 until June 2014.

After 860 episodes, this regular character was killed off suddenly and fans were furious.

Viewers watched in horror as Tina fell to her death after being pushed by Rob Donovan.

Tina didn’t die straight away, continuing to fight for her life and threatening to expose Rob’s illegal scams while extremely injured.

However, Tina met her end when Rob bludgeoned her to death with a metal pole.

Maya Sharma (Coronation Street)

Maya Sharma’s (Sasha Behar) exit from the cobbles in November 2004 is one of the most memorable Coronation Street exits.

Maya was famously proposed to by Dev Alahan before the engagement ended after Tyrone told everyone Maya killed his dog.

When Dev moved on with ex-girlfriend Sunita, Maya trashed his flat and continued to torment the couple when they got engaged.

Maya married several illegal immigrants with Sunita’s birth certificate, getting both Dev and Sunita arrested for illegal marriage.

Dev and Sunita were freed, and Maya was released on bail when she started plotting to burn down all of Dev’s seven shops.

Maya then took Sunita hostage and when Dev came to rescue her, Maya tied the pair up and switched the gas rings of the stove on.

The two escaped and Maya tried to run the pair down in her car but crashed into the viaduct.

When she left the hospital, Maya was greeted by the police and sent to prison.

In a 2010 poll, Mad Maya Monday was voted the 18th greatest moment of the show’s first 50 years.

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