Coronation Street spoilers: Alya Nazir warned by police for harassing evil Geoff Metcalfe

ALYA Nazir is warned by police for harassing evil Geoff Metcalfe next week in Coronation Street. 

Alya is furious to discover that Geoff has run up debts in Yasmeen’s name to spend on his new girlfriend. 

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Corrie viewers know that Yasmeen is currently in prison, awaiting trial for the murder of her husband Geoff.

Geoff, meanwhile, is continuing his reign of terror on the cobbles.

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Imran tell Alya that Yasmeen’s legal fees are stacking up and she might have to sell her house. 

But Alya is unsettled when she finds a series of unpaid loans against Yasmeen's name when she runs a credit check.

When Alya quizzes Yasmeen, she drops the bombshell that she also signed half the house over to him.

Heading over to Geoff’s, Alya tries to persuade him to sell the house, but it’s clear he has no intention of helping Yasmeen.

When Alya quizzes him about the loans, Geoff insists Yasmeen and her expensive tastes are to blame. 

But Alya and Ryan aren’t convinced, and resolve to follow the brute. 

Later, Alya overhears Geoff on the phone arranging a date, and follows him to the meeting place. 

But she’s shocked to see Geoff meeting a lady called Doris from hospital radio. 

Things worsen for Alya when a police officer approaches and warns that Geoff has reported her for harassment. 

Meanwhile, Geoff meets up with his new girlfriend in a lush hotel and smiles to himself for having got one over on Alya.

Will Geoff ever meet his downfall?

And will he manage to get Alya in trouble?

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