Coronation Street spoilers: Jade Rowan tries to sleep with Tyrone Dobbs

CORONATION Street's Jade Rowan puts her foot in it once again when she tries to make a move on Tyrone Dobbs.

The daughter of Fiz’s evil ex John Stape is determined to see her half-sister Hope and will clearly go to desperate measures to do so.

Fans of the ITV soap know that Fiz and Tyrone were left distraught when their children were taken into care.

But they soon realised that Jade – the unhinged nanny who’d been looking after Hope – was behind the cruel stunt.

Jade wanted her half-sister all to herself, but her plan unravelled when Hope admitted to social services that her nanny had drawn the bruises on her arms and framed Fiz for the abuse.

Despite initially planning to take Hope abroad, Jade found the youngster after she ran away from home and took her back to Tyrone.

She then took the opportunity to beg him to let her be a part of her life.

But Fiz, unaware that Hope had been found and certain Jade had snatched her, lashed out at the former nanny and hit her over the head with a chopping board.

To avoid Fiz getting charged for assault, the parents put on a brave face and agreed that Hope could see Jade.

In upcoming scenes, Jade calls in at the garage and begs Tyrone to let her see Hope again.

Jade returns again later in the week and explains that it’s her birthday, hoping that it will persuade Tyrone to arrange a visit.

Tyrone gives in and buys a bracelet for Jade for her birthday.

In the café, Hope gives Jade the present along with a homemade birthday card.

When Hope tells her that the bracelet was Tyrone’s idea, Jade is thrilled.

But Jade later takes Tyrone’s kindness in the wrong way and makes a pass at him after visiting him at the house.

Later in the week, Tyrone meets Jade in Victoria garden and explains to her that he isn’t remotely interested and is still in love with Fiz.

Fiz then appears and threatens to harm Jade – and do more damage than she did with the chopping board this time.

Has Jade pushed Hope's parents too far yet again?


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