Coronation Street star Beth Morgan's stalker jailed after six years

Former Coronation Street star Beth Morgan has opened up about her experience with stalking, following the sentencing of her stalker back in November.

Beth appeared on Corrie for a short stint in 2018 as part of a storyline which saw Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) become a lap dancer, but was axed after taking a selfie in costume and posting it to social media before the episodes were released to the public.

On top of her acting career, she is a successful OnlyFans model, and recently filmed with Love Island star Olivia Atwood for a new documentary discussing her work as a glamour model.

In a recent interview with the Daily Star, Beth opened up about her terrifying experience with stalking, explaining that she has had a ‘fair share of stalkers’ throughout her career.

‘I had a stalker for like six years and recently, in the November just gone, he was sent down because he did it to multiple girls.’ She revealed.

She went on to explain how this ordeal affected her life, causing her to change her phone number and preventing her from leaving the house.

‘I had him for such a long time and it was horrible, it was tragic, he was just obsessed. The amount of times I had to change my number [was insane].

‘It got to the point where I was being scared to leave the house on my own because he would phone me and be like, ‘I know where you are’.’

She revealed that the texts and calls she received were so specific that it was like the stalker knew her personally, ‘on a deep level’.

It wasn’t just Beth that was directly affected, with her family and friends receiving messages from the obsessed stalker.

‘They were sending messages to my mum from my OnlyFans, luckily she backs me 100% and she knows exactly what I do.

‘He was trying to cause trouble even with family and close friends, you know like messaging my best friend’s husband and horrible things like that trying to cause so much trouble.’

She went on to reveal that even though he is now in jail, the experience still affects her, and has changed the way she uses social media.

She explained how she has chosen to post less of her personal life online and won’t reveal where she has been until she is back home for fear of someone finding her.

Speaking about her stalker’s behaviour, she said: ‘I don’t know how they have the time on their hands to be honest, but he’s rotting away now so hopefully he stays in there for a few years.’

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