Coronation Street star ‘saddened’ over Daisy Midgeley change

Coronation Street: Behind-the-scenes look at ITV set

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Daisy (played by Charlotte Jordan) has been struggling to get Justin (Andrew Still) to understand she isn’t interested in a romantic relationship with him. Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) also stepped in to give Justin a polite word, but it seemed to have done the opposite effect and driven Justin’s ambitions even more. Coronation Street actor Charlotte recently opened up on the detrimental effects Justin’s actions are set to have on Daisy.

In upcoming scenes, Daisy sees red when she spots Justin on the cobbles with a bouquet of flowers.

Feeling fed up about the situation and not feeling as if anyone is taking her seriously, she storms over to confront Justin.

After throwing the flowers on the floor and stamping on them, Daisy turns to Justin and in a fit of rage hits him across the face.

However, she is made to feel worse when Justin reveals the flowers were for his mother and threatens her with police action.

Daisy has been struggling to voice her opinions on how Justin’s actions are affecting her mentally and feels no one is listening to her.

Charlotte recently opened up about how Daisy is feeling and admitted she felt “sad” about the way Justin had begun to change her personality.

She told and other press: “Even though she has got Daniel and Jenny [Connor] saying come off of social media, she has been fighting it because she thinks that’s not fair.

“So she has been trying to keep a hold of her identity and keep a hold of the things that she wants but this episode is where she relents and thinks ok I will step back a bit.

“Daniel takes over her social media for her so she doesn’t have to see his constant messages, but he does something that is quite right but it upsets her because she has been working so hard to give them this wonderful wedding.

“Daniel mucks up her social media and it sends her over the edge because her nerves are shredded already because of Justin, this sends her into a psychotic spin, which is really sad.

“She feels like no one is understanding her, the police aren’t helping her so her levels are already up.

“She storms off to get some air and she sees Justin with flowers and she just sees red. She feels so isolated, no one is understanding, no one is helping so she thinks well I will just take this into my own hands.”

Charlotte also spoke out about the victim-blaming mentality surrounding women who have stalkers and said: “It is so dangerous and so damaging.

“We have this epidemic at the minute where violent crimes against women for some reason, it is the woman’s responsibility to stop everything and the onus is always on the woman to change her behaviour.

“She [Daisy] is always on edge, this guy gets a job to be on her street so he can be even closer to her and she is just looking over her shoulder constantly, she never knows when he is going to appear.

“And because he is totally delusional and believes they are in this loving relationship and somehow Daniel is an obstacle for them she doesn’t know how far that delusion is going to go.

“She doesn’t know how dangerous that then makes him in the long run and she doesn’t know what will tip him over the edge but it just a really scary and sad situation for her to be in.”

How will Daisy cope as Justin becomes more intense?

Charlotte hints that Daisy begins to spiral, could she be more harmful to herself than Justin is?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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