Coronation Street theory: Debbie Webster reports Abi to police in cruel revenge twist

Coronation Street: Debbie Webster finds scarf in Kevin's bag

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Debbie (played by Sue Devaney) has been back living on Coronation Street for almost two years now and she has been a source of support to her brother, Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell), who was left crushed when his wife, Abi (Sally Carman), revealed she had cheated on him. Since she gave birth to Imran Habeeb’s (Charlie De Melo) son, Alfie, she has been desperately trying to get custody of the baby with some support from her estranged husband. However, when he decides he wants his other half back in upcoming scenes on the ITV soap, his sister could jump in to make sure the pair never get back together.

The drama continues in next week’s episodes as Abi makes the bold move to ask Imran and his wife, Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) if she can have Alfie for a whole day.

Since they were granted custody of the baby, the pair have said they want the child’s mother to be a part of his life but they haven’t allowed her time alone with him.

Wanting to play happy families, Toyah agrees with no hesitation but Imran is a bit more apprehensive so his agreement is a little strained.

What neither of them realises is this is all a cover for Abi to abduct baby Alfie and fly him halfway across the world so they can be together.

Desperate to be with her son, the mother of four manages to get her hands on some fake passports and plans to travel to Costa Rica.

As she begins to pack up her belongings, Kevin pops around to her flat to see her and this is the time he decides to tell her he still loves her.

Not wanting to lie to her husband, Abi admits to him she is planning to flee the country and will be leaving the very next day.

She explains she will be taking Alfie with her after managing to trick Toyah and Imran but Kevin is in disbelief over what he’s hearing.

His wife pleads with him to keep her plan a secret and although he agrees, it seems the mechanic can’t keep his mouth shut for too long.

Enter Debbie, who he ends up telling Abi’s whole plan and just like her brother, she is mortified to hear what is going to happen.

I am so happy to be here

Sue Devaney

Wanting to be the voice of reason, Debbie tells her brother his wife only has two choices at his juncture; tell Imran or hope she gets away with abduction.

After talking to his sister, Kevin comes face to face with Imran in the middle of the street but viewers will be left wondering if he tells the lawyer the truth.

If he manages to keep his promise, Imran could be none the wiser come the day he hands over Alfie to Abi to spend the day together.

As she makes a flit to the airport, the mother of four could have no idea Debbie could have betrayed her in the worst way possible.

Not wanting her brother to end up arrested for child abduction and also wanting revenge for what Abi put her brother through, Debbie could make the call to the police.

By the time Abi makes it to the airport, she could be apprehended by the police, who would take baby Alfie away from her.

When the police arrive at Imran’s doorstep, they could explain Abi tried to flee the country with their child, leaving him and Toyah horrified.

Once again, Abi could be facing serious consequences for her actions as she is told she will be charged with child abduction.

The mechanic will believe Kevin is behind her being arrested and she will vow never to speak to him again for betraying her.

However, as her brother is left heartbroken, Debbie could be gleefully her revenge plan worked out perfectly, with Abi out of their lives for good.

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If this does unfold over the next week, it seems Abi will once again try to get her son back but this time, it seems it will end in disaster.

A new teaser trailer for the drama which lies ahead has revealed Imran and Toyah will be caught up in some sort of tragedy as the custody battle comes to an explosive climax.

Managing Director for Continuing Drama and Head of ITV in the North, John Whiston, explained: “The pigeons really do come home to roost for some of Corrie’s best-loved characters in this fantastic week of edge of your seat drama.

“Secrets unravel, truths hurt and lives well and truly turn upside down as the lengths Imran went to take baby Alfie away from Abi are revealed.

“Whether your sympathies are with Abi, with Toyah or with Imran, this is not a week to be missed,” he commented, but who will finally get custody of baby Alfie?

Debbie will be lurking in the corner at every point of this storyline and it seems she will be sticking around a little while longer regardless of the resolution.

Speaking about her future on the show, the actress who plays Debbie, Sue, said: “When I first came back I never imagined I would be around for that length of time and I am delighted.

“Every day when I drive into work I have a big grin on my face. I am so happy to be here. When I get to work with new people I haven’t worked with before that I have watched on screen I am so excited.

“She is such a fun character to play, she reacts differently with different people. If she is talking to someone important the posh voice is on, when she is having a row with Abi all the northern twang comes out.

“I describe her as the Joan Collins of Weatherfield, I love the fact that she is a b***h with a heart, I love that she doesn’t let anyone get in her way, she thinks in her world what she says is right.”

But will she really betray Abi to make sure Kevin isn’t hurt again?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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