Coronation Street under fire for failing to use face masks in Dev's shop

CORONATION Street fans are angry after a scene showed characters Sally and Alya not wearing face masks inside Dev's shop.

The pair were dramatically what Alya should do with Yasmeen's money that was stolen from her by her abusive husband, Geoff.

A social distancing advice poster could be seen in the dramatic scene and the characters standing more than two metres apart due to coronavirus.

But some viewers were not happy with the fact that Sally and Alya were not wearing protective face masks.

One Twitter user wrote: "I thought face masks were now compulsory in shops?

"Why are the people of weatherfield above the law? Very irresponsible behaviour. They’ll be responsible for the 2nd wave! #Corrie."

Other Corrie fans rushed to agree, while some pointed out that the scene may have been shot before the government made it mandatory to wear masks in shops.

A Twitter user commented: "Filmed before it was made compulsory."

While another added: "It said the programme was filmed in march so not applicable."

And a third said: "They’re not up to date as yet. You’ll see it soon I’m sure."

In the episode, Sally – who is played by Sally Dyvenor in the ITV soap – urged Yasmeen’s granddaughter Alya to use the money to buy out Geoff's share of the business, Speed Daal.

Prior to her arrest, Yasmeen discovered that Geoff had stolen her money and secretly offered to pay for Tim and Sally’s wedding after getting control of her funds. 

But Sally has since turned against Geoff and sided with Yasmeen after seeing through his “nice guy” act.

Geoff has been getting increasingly irritated by Sally's meddling and was fuming when he discovered she will be giving evidence against him in court.

Later, Alya visited Yasmeen in hospital and tells her about Elaine’s disappearance and how she suspects Geoff is behind it. 

Yasmeen then admitted that she felt safer in prison while Geoff was still roaming the streets. 

Later, Sally urged Alya to out Geoff and offered her the wedding money, pointing out it was Yasmeen’s anyway.

But when Alya decided to take Sally’s advice and announced to Geoff that she’s buying him out, he was quick to laugh in her face. 

Alya then sneered that Sally is giving her the money that he gave them for the wedding, leaving Geoff fuming. 

Later, Sally is forced to apologise to Tim for giving Alya the money without asking him but insisted they can still afford a wedding. 

Geoff then lasheed out at Sally and told her Tim will always choose him over her as he’s his dad. 


Sally Dyvenor appeared on This Morning in June and revealed that her character’s efforts to help Yasmeen will drive a huge wedge between her and Tim.

The actress explained: “This is really going to be affected because he's on Team Geoff, and I was on Team Geoff but now I found out about what's going on, I'm going on to Team Yasmeen.”

She continued: "I think Sally would want to help her as much as she possibly can."

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