Coronation Street viewers left baffled by Alya bomb threat gaffe

Coronation Street fans were left on the edge of their seats during Wednesday night’s episode of the popular ITV soap, as racist Griff’s homegrown terror plot came to an explosive head.

As the residents of the street gathered to celebrate a new charity event to raise money for refugees, it was revealed to fans at home that Griff’s dodgy gang of extremist thugs had planted a bomb in the Speed Daal van.

Warning the van’s owners, Alya and Yasmin Nazir of the plot was David Platt’s teenage son Max Turner, a former member of Griff’s gang, who had uncovered the truth and was terrified of the danger his loved ones may now be in.

As she checked the vehicle to follow up on Max’s claims, Alya stumbled upon a timer hanging from the glove compartment of the van, connected to several ominous wires.

With colour drained from her face, the young businessman then said: “I think it’s a bomb,” before proceeding to tug on the wires connected to it, much to the amusement of fans at home.

Yet in an even more baffling twist, rather than wait for the police and bomb disposal experts to arrive, Alya climbed into the van herself to drive it to safety with the timer still counting down.

As the exciting scenes unfolded, fans at home could hardly suspend their disbelief at the level of ridiculous decisions Alya was making, with many not holding back on social media as they shared their thoughts.

“Nah this episode has me majorly stressed. “I think it’s a bomb,” while continuing to tug on the wires. Everyone just standing around instead of running. It’s driving me mad,” wrote one fan.

Another agreed it was far fetched. adding: “ ”Hold on! There’s a wire!” Then proceeds to yank the bloody thing”

A third also chimed in, adding: "I think it's a bomb, let me pull on this here wire”

While a fourth made a direct reference to the 1994 film Speed, as they quipped: “Who does Alya think she is, Keanu Reeves?”

A number of other fans also couldn’t help but question Max’s role in uncovering the plot, with one even bluntly asking: “After so many lies told by Max is he the best person to warn about a bomb? And don't tug on the p*****g wire!”

Another also weighed in as they commented: “All Mad Max II needs to do is phone the police and tell them there's a bomb threat – they have to take it seriously and investigate regardless whether they think it's a hoax or not.”

Despite the threat however and questionable decision of Alya to drive the van to safety, the crisis was soon averted as the van exploded away from the packed street and without causing too much of an injury.

As they episode drew to a close, fans were relieved to see that Alya had thankfully survived the ordeal, while several were also grateful to see Max getting arrested for his part in the plot without a fuss, as the teen showed a clear display or remorse and accountability for his role.

Will Griff’s gang be brought to justice?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV1 and ITVX


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