Coronation Street’s Shelley King reveals huge Yasmeen story after Geoff exit

Coronation Street star Shelley King revealed there is still more to come in Yasmeen Nazir’s storyline with abusive Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew).

Viewers cheered at their TVs on Monday when courts found Yasmeen not guilty, after a tough few weeks on the stand.

Despite his attempts to control her once more, she then reported her husband to the police, in a bid to be free from his terror

Appearing on Loose Women, Shelley insisted that there are more twists and turns to the plot, as bosses ‘owe’ it to real-life victims to see things through to the end.

‘We owe the people who shared their horrific stories with us,’ she told the ITV panel.

‘We have a responsibility, and we owe it to them to actually go through to the end of the road, as it were, which is a never ending journey for women and men who have suffered the way that Yasmeen has.

‘I know that the producers and script writers of Coronation Street will travel with Yasmeen and continue to explore the aftermath, the periods of convalescence.’

Teasing what else viewers have in store, Shelley continued: ‘Whatever happens tonight, whatever you may see tonight, there is a great deal more of the story to come, I can assure you of that.

‘We will not leave it just like that. This is not going to be forgotten. 

‘As much as I love the comedy of Coronation Street, and I long to work with Sal again and have a laugh, we can’t do that [yet]. We will, but we have a duty of care to women who have suffered, and men.’

Geoff will be leaving the Coronation Street cobbles very soon, with actor Ian bowing out from the show.

However, it has not been confirmed exactly how his exit will play out on screen.

Lifting the lid on his departure, Ian told ‘When I first joined, Geoff was a bumbling idiot – he suddenly developed when they decided to turn the character into something else. 

‘We have been playing this now for the best part of two years. If you play a character like this, there is a certain shelf life. 

‘It wasn’t a surprise when we realised there was some sort of conclusion. Whatever happens, Yasmeen has to deal with the aftermath and that’s important to stress that it will be continuing. 

‘It’s not just about the major incident – it’s what happens after.’

Now that Yasmeen is free, will the truth finally catch up with Geoff? 

Or will he flee without justice being served?

Loose Women continues on weekdays, at 12.30, on ITV.

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