Coronation Streets Stephen in fake identity riddle as false name emerges

Coronation Street fans have been sure there's something dodgy going on with Audrey's son Stephen since the start.

And now it looks as though their suspicions have been confirmed, as ITV soap spoilers have confirmed a fake identity riddle for the Canadian businessman.

Next week, Audrey heads for her follow-up appointment with Dr Gaddas, and insists to the GP that she only miscalculated her sleeping pills.

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Determined to prove she doesn't need therapy, Audrey is insistent, so Dr Gaddas suggests she try a course of antidepressants instead.

Stephen, meanwhile, raises his concerns about his mum with Rita and they meet to arrange a treat for her.

Rita gets Roy and Ken involved in their posh afternoon tea at Debbie's hotel to cheer Audrey up – but later, Stephen receives a call from the venue about leaving a deposit for the event.

In front of Shona and Sarah, however, his card gets declined. Much to the pair's amusement, Stephen grows irate and begins yelling down the phone at an Italian bank.

He's later seen paying the deposit over the phone using a credit card in the name of Mrs Gabrielle Reid – but what else is he hiding?

Desperate to keep up his good guy image, Stephen impresses Yasmeen and Elaine as he offers to sponsor a raffle prize for their food bank fundraiser. Elaine, meanwhile, is relieved that Yasmeen has moved on and has no intention of going on another date with the dishy Canadian.

Stephen isn't the only one hiding something next week, as Spider also has a few tricks up his sleeve. Helping Toyah to pack up the flat, he later protects her as Adam snipes at her in the street.

Toyah locates a savings account Imran opened up in Alfie's name and her feelings of grief rise, and she snaps at Spider to leave.

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Toyah later hands the savings account over to Abi, before finding out that Spider has been arrested at a protest.

Popping into the police station, she finds Spider being released with a slap on the wrist and can't help leaning in for a kiss.

Spider reciprocates and they both head through to the bedroom. But beset by guilt, Toyah asks him to leave, and later confesses to Abi that she's just slept with her ex.

Abi reassures her that she's only grieving and it's natural, while Spider says he's happy to remain friends. Leanne, however, is uneasy when she finds the pair in the Rovers, worried Toyah is falling for him all over again.

Out on the street, Spider answers a phone call and lies to the caller that he's been busy and can't wait to get back – what is he hiding from Toyah?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.


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