Corrie fans baffled by Leanne escape plot holes as shes hunted down by Harvey

Corrie fans watched on as a terrified Leanne Battersby, who is played by Jane Danson, escaped from drug lord Harvey Gaskell – but they were left distracted by the practicalities of the unexpectedly hilarious scene.

The dramatic showdown during Wednesday's double bill of the beloved soap, saw Will Mellor's character Harvey chase Leanne during a storm as visitors were enjoying Debbie Webster's House of Horrors attraction.

Leanne had been gagged and bound in the bistro but had somehow managed to escape from drug lord Harvey's clutches which led to many fans being left with questions.

The scene was unintentionally funny as fans wondered how on earth Leanne had been able to escape whilst being gagged and bound.

One asked on Twitter: "Am confused, Leanne is gagged and bound, yet she manages to escape from the clutches of Harvey through the kitchen, how did she open that door?"

Leanne's escape became possible after the ground beneath Harvey collapsed, giving her an opportunity to make a run for it.

One fan commented: "The way Harvey went down that hole was like the Wile E. Cayote and Road runner cartoon or something. Half expected Leanne to go 'beep beep.'"

Adding to the scene was the fact that Leanne was dressed up as Morticia Addams from The Addam's family and the character's infamous black wig raised the eyebrows of many Corrie fans.

One asked: "How has Leanne’s black wig stayed on through a kidnapping, an escape and a storm?"

While another added: "You're seriously telling me they managed to successfully remove all that masking tape off Leanne's wig?"

More than just the wardrobe confusion and comic fall through the floor – fans were also confused by the fact that no one seemed to rush to help the girl bound and gagged fleeing from the drug lord.

It may well have been a night with many Halloween costumes but even then I doubt Leanne was so far blended into the background that those visiting the haunted house would not have come to her aid.

One viewer tweeted: "Why wouldn't Leanne run to the tram station or something? The Co-op? ANYWHERE BUT WHERE SHE COULD EASILY BE FOUND BY THE GUY WHO'S TRYING TO KILL HER"

Whilst another commented: "I’ve seen it all now, Leanne dressed as Morticia Addams, bound and gagged, waddling around in a torrential storm and not one person thinks it’s weird!!" wondered another fan.

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