Corrie fans slam ridiculous drug deal after Abis poor attempt to spy on Ben

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Coronation Street fans slammed the "ridiculous" drug deal that took place in tonight's episode (May 13).

Abi has been struggling since Imran lied in court and took her son, Alfie, away from her by saying she was still using drugs, but tonight may have prompted a change in luck for her.

Imran paid Ben to support his claim that Abi was still using, but found himself in hot water when Ben approached him and asked him for more money to keep quiet.

After taking £100 from Imran, Ben called his drug dealer and said he needed a "pick me up" – which Abi overheard.

Suspecting he was up to no good, Abi followed Ben and attempted to hide while filming him buying the drugs.

While Abi was taking the video, Sally called her, causing her phone to make a noise, allowing Ben to turn around and spot her.

Viewers were quick to their keyboards to point out that neither Abi or the drug deal was particularly subtle.

One viewer tweeted: "Because people buying and selling drugs make a point of making it so clearly obvious #Corrie."

Another wrote: "Abi may as well have been accompanied by a brass band then … she stood a foot away filming a drug deal."

While a third said: "Sorry, but that was utterly ridiculous then… with Abi and Ben."

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