Corrie Kelly attacked, EastEnders baby dad confirmed and 8 more soap spoilers

Shock revelations and accusations make for a huge week in soapland, as some receive huge bombshells, while others are forced to defend themselves.

Kelly Neelan is overwhelmed when she’s released from prison in Coronation Street, but she’s got a lot of making up to do, while Emmerdale’s Ben Tucker is caught up in the HOP disaster, as Jai Sharma attempts to blame him for everything!

EastEnders solves the mystery of baby Alyssa’s father in explosive scenes, while Sid Sumner is left confused by Leela Lomax’s behaviour in Hollyoaks, and he soon confronts her on the matter!

Yes, a lot of secrets are put in danger, making for an interesting series of developments soap-wide.

But if you fancy a little sneak peek at all the drama set to unfold over the next five days then you’re in luck, as we’ve carefully picked out the top 10 must-see moments!

Kelly tries to make amends in Coronation Street, but to no avail!

Kelly’s hearing takes place, and the judge reveals that she’s releasing her with immediate effect. Imran and Toyah, however, are informed that they might have to choose between Kelly and Elsie, so Kelly makes the decision for them, telling them she’ll live elsewhere, but upon returning to her new accommodation, she finds the word ‘murderer’ sprayed on the wall.

Desperate to make amends, Kelly approaches Nina, but Nina informs her she’ll never forgive her for what she did. Roy, however, suggests that she cut her some slack, as Kelly appears to be genuinely sorry. But Kelly soon finds herself in trouble when Dev notices a scratch on his car and assumes she is to blame.

As Kelly and Aadi approach her digs, Cole appears and threatens Kelly, revealing that she’s inadvertently dobbed him into the police as he used their trip to York to pick up a consignment of stolen phones.

Priya makes a shocking accusation in Emmerdale

Priya struggles with an intense nightmare brought on by her injuries, and she lashes out at Ellis, leaving him shocked by her accusations. Al gets wind of the rift and is ready to take advantage of the situation. Ellis, however, makes a heartfelt apology to Priya, and there’s a sense there might still be hope for them.

EastEnders reveals who is baby Alyssa’s dad

Zack takes baby Alyssa off Martin but as he walks off, her toy drops and unbeknown to him, a girl watches on. Later, both he and Martin receive the paternity test results. Alyssa’s toy has been dropped off, when they scan the area, Zack sees a girl. Once he and Sharon catch up to her, the girl tells them her name is Jada. She’s Alyssa’s mum and when she reveals who the father is Sharon and Zack are shocked.

Sid has his suspicions about Leela in Hollyoaks

Leela enters Sid, Romeo and Tom into the Dee Valley Tough Mudder competition that will test their limits. She continues to hide her redundancy by keeping herself busy and agrees to help Sid, Romeo and Tom train for the competition but with Sid asking questions, will she be able to keep up the act?

Sam says goodbye to Natasha in Coronation Street

The day of Natasha’s funeral arrives, and as the hearse pulls up in the street, Sam squeezes Nick’s hand. Afterwards, the family gather in the bistro, and Sam hands Nick a eulogy he’s written, which Nick agrees to read out. But he struggles to contain his emotions.

Tracy’s plans with Nate go awry in Emmerdale

Tracy plans an intimate date night, but Nate heads into Hotten with Billy for a lad’s night, where he meets a woman named Fiona, who chats him up. Tracy sends him a sexy picture, but Nate misses the text due to his broken phone. Billy, meanwhile, lies to Tracy the following day about what happened last night.

Ben feels betrayed by Callum in EastEnders

Callum tells Ben and Jay about the Prince Albert’s gay icon’s event night, but notices Jay mouth something to Ben. When questioned,  Ben eventually tells Callum about his past numerous partners, leaving Callum feeling insecure. Ben encourages Callum to go to the event at The Albert while he has a meeting with Kheerat. At the event, a flirty guy approaches Callum and ends up giving him his number, which Ben later finds and feels betrayed.

DeMarcus’ mum arrives in Hollyoaks – to take him home?

DeMarcus decides to buy something nice for Martine but he’s short on money and leaves Nate an IOU. All the while, he’s being watched by his teacher resulting in a visit from his mother, Viv, that could cut DeMarcus’ time in Hollyoaks short.

Summer gets the wrong end of the stick in Coronation Street

Summer offers to babysit Bertie, and later tells Daniel how much she enjoyed doing so. Daniel is pleased and they make a start on her interview prep, but as she comes out of Daniel’s flat, she paints on a smile for Aadi, while wistfully glancing back. Adam, meanwhile, calls round and quizzes Daniel about his intentions towards Daisy. Mistakenly assuming they’re discussing her, Summer’s thrilled.

Jai plans to blame the survival event disaster on Ben in Emmerdale

Jai is planning on blaming Ben for the survival event disaster. Ben discovers the truth, and is horrified when Jai offers him a buy-out in exchange for his resignation. Ben decides he needs a lawyer, and Aaron gets wind of his boyfriend’s ordeal, and makes matters much worse, as he punches Jai – who ultimately suspends Ben!

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