Corrie wedding tragedy, Emmerdale Charity makes her mind up and 23 soap spoilers

The week is almost at an end, which can only mean one thing if you’re a soap fan. Yes, you guessed it,’s bumper spoiler guide to whet you’re soapy appetite is here, just in time for the weekend!

Big decisions and bombshells are at the centre of a particularly emotional week for the nation’s four biggest serial dramas, as some of the genre’s finest will find themselves in a tough position.

Coronation Street lines up a huge week, with a wedding, a trial and a surgical operation all on the cards. Paul Foreman features significantly, with the builder struggling to maintain his composure as sister Gemma Winter walks down the aisle, breaking down in an emotional speech.

Emmerdale, meanwhile, sees Charity Dingle make a decision about Mackenzie Boyd, who is taken aback when Chloe Harris makes a move on him. Over in Hollyoaks, Yazz Maalik reveals to Tom Cunningham that she’s pregnant, but just how will he react?

And as for EastEnders?

Well, the BBC One soap continues the trend of being the one to watch, with Lola Pearce’s final days upon us, in addition to a new era for the show being heralded in by the arrival of the Knights, who stun Linda Carter by revealing they’re going to help her run the Vic.

Your full collection of soap spoilers for next week (May 29 to June 3) await, so feel free to get stuck in.


1. The final few days of Lola’s life arrive, and Billy is heartbroken, with subsequent scenes seeing Nish rile him up. Billy, however, retaliates by smashing the window of the Minute Mart before accidentally hitting the villain, resulting in his arrest, with his loved ones desperately trying to get him released, knowing Lola is running out of time.

2. The news about Ben doing a flit to America comes out, leaving Kathy and Callum exasperated and Billy and Jay furious. He’s not been in contact with anyone for days, and Kathy demands that Callum uses his detective skills to track him down. They all worry about the consequences if Lola dies while Ben is on the other side of the world.

3. Jay tends to Lola’s every need, with nurse Suzanne explaining the there will now be long periods of unconsciousness, so it’s time for her loved ones to say goodbye. Jay battles with saying farewell to his beloved Lola, while Phil struggles with the situation too. Kathy and Callum, meanwhile, go into Lola’s bedroom and say goodbye, promising to look after Lexi for her.

4. Linda invites Callum, Jack, Whitney, Rocky, Denise and some of the others to have a lock-in. Together they reflect on life, loss, and the tragedy of Lola’s terminal illness.

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5. Linda is left utterly stunned when George Knight rocks up with daughters Anna and Gina in tow, with the newcomer revealing that he’s Elaine’s partner -and that he’s there to assist her with running The Vic! The realisation that this was Elaine’s plan all along dawns on the landlady, who is filled with rage. George is adamant that he won’t cause any trouble, claiming all he wants is to build a new life with his loved ones, but can he be trusted?

6. Kim is accosted by a fan of the Kimfluencer in the salon and tries to paint on a brave face, but she’s struggling. When Kim’s follower Adele asks her to record a birthday video for her daughter, Kim does her best but becomes overwhelmed and rushes out. Sonia sees Kim collapse and rushes over before calling an ambulance. Kim stops her, but after Sonia gets her to describe her symptoms, she tells Kim that she needs to go to A&E and get checked out.

7. Bobby is smitten when he spots Anna and Gina Knight, but they fare less well with Kathy, who bites their head off when they bring chihuahua Tyson into the café. The newcomers also misjudge the mood in The Vic as they try to get the party started that evening, unaware of Lola’s tragic passing.

Coronation Street

8. It’s the day of Gemma and Chesney’s wedding, with the bride-to-be walking down the aisle in the dress of her dreams. The couple exchange vows to the cheers of their family and friends, but Bernie’s not too pleased when she finds out Linda funded the event. The bride and groom, meanwhile, take to the dance floor for their first dance.

9. After some advice from Billy, Paul apologises to Gemma over their previous falling out, before walking her down the aisle, battling his symptoms. After the happy couple tie the knot, Paul makes a speech, but he soon becomes emotional and rushes out, with Gemma following suit. Will she find out what’s troubling her twin brother?

10. Justin’s sister Karen arrives at the Rovers, claiming that she’s sorry for what her brother put Daisy and Ryan through, which leaves Daisy touched. Carla and Ryan, however, are horrified to see Karen in the pub, and with a heated showdown ensuing, Ryan is quick to remind Daisy that she went out of her way to split him from Alya, information which Karen feeds back to Justin.

11. Daisy pleads with Ryan to reconsider after he fails to turn up for the trial, knowing Justin could walk free without his evidence. Daniel, meanwhile, reiterates Daisy’s concerns to Ryan, before he takes to the stand to tell the court how the stalker terrorised Daisy for months. Daisy subsequently enters the witness box, but will she be able to relive the attack in a bid to put vile Justin away?

12. Ryan shows up at court and, with all eyes on him, he enters the witness box to describe to the court how Justin threw acid at Daisy, but he took the full force of it instead, which caused him indescribable pain. The defence barrister suggests Ryan is in love with Daisy, arguing they plotted the acid attack themselves, leaving everyone stunned. Justin, meanwhile, enters the witness box, but just what will he have to say?

13. Nina opens up to Evelyn, admitting that she’s worried about Roy, who is set to undergo an operation. Evelyn subsequently visits Roy, urging him to tell Nina about his procedure, with Roy deciding to write his niece a letter.

14. After telling Nina about his operation, Roy hands Evelyn a stack of letters for her to distribute if he should die. Evelyn is desperate to know what her letter says, but her attention is soon elsewhere, as she squeezes Roy’s hand when he’s wheeled away for his operation.


15. Mackenzie promises his full commitment to Reuben, who has been given the all-clear. Chloe, however, gets caught up in the moment, going in for a kiss, which Mack rejects. Amy, meanwhile, questions Chloe over her intentions for Mack, but despite her sister’s warnings, Chloe is determined to rebel.

16. Charity is forced to allow Moses to spend time with Mackenzie, after he spots his former stepdad in the village. Mackenzie is delighted, making the most of the time he has with Moses and Charity, who enjoys being a family unit again, and even agree to think about including him in Moses’ birthday celebrations.

17. Nicky begins to feel the pressure as the day of the stag and hen parties approach, meeting with Ally in private.

18. Despite a last-ditch attempt from Liam to reunite their writing partnership, Wendy upsets them both by sticking to her decision to break it off. But is this really the end of ‘Wiam’?

19. Victoria admits to Laurel and Jai that she regrets agreeing to help Gabby boost The Hide’s online presence. Amelia, however, puts herself forward, determined to earn some income. 

20. Jimmy and Tom agree to a fresh start without the shadow of Carl hanging over them. Belle opens up about her struggles with mental health, leaving Tom shell-shocked. She’s surprised when he kisses her, unfazed by the revelation, and Belle is made up by the strength of their relationship.


21. Determined to know what Rafe is up to at Dee Valley Law, Sienna plants her phone in Maxine’s handbag, before she and Ethan listen in as the Earl reveals that he’s inherited £35 million, leaving the couple in absolute shock. There is one clause, however: Rafe needs to be married first. Sienna is disheartened, but Ethan suggests that she could marry the smug lord so they can get their hands on his cash and, despite her initial doubts, Sienna decides that this is exactly what she will do!

22. Zoe is harbouring a pregnancy test in her bag, leaving Sam in shock, with the policeman hopeful that a baby would bring them back together. Zoe, however, assures him they’re over for good. Ethan and Sharon, meanwhile, offer Zoe some advice, telling her to tell Sam the truth about the termination she’s got planned, but will she do so?

23. Yazz discovers that she is pregnant, subsequently relaying her discovery to Tom, who proves as supportive as ever. Yazz, however, is unsure what to do for the best, while a comment about Steph leaves Tom upset, as he comes to believe that she sees his daughter as a burden.

24. Felix, upset that his son is moving away, blames Mercedes for involving Warren. Mercedes, however, suggests he tell his business partner how he feels. When a riled-up Felix storms into Warren’s flat, the two men come head to head, but Felix ultimately takes his anger out on the furniture rather than his best friend. Warren reminds Felix that he has a choice on what sort of dad he wants to be and right now supporting his son is the best thing he can do.

25. Imran is set on staying in Hollyoaks to support Juliet. Down at the park, Imran, Brooke and Juliet create lasting memories playing battle but, unbeknown to him, Juliet has already received a call from his family and plans for Brooke to dash off so that they can speak alone.

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