'Counting On': Duggar Family Followers Can't Agree on Which Duggar Spouse Will Leave Their Marriage First

JingerDuggar just announced her second pregnancy, and Joy-Anna Duggar is inchingcloser to her due date, too. While the Duggar family seems to be consistentlygrowing, some family followers are wondering when the supersized clan will shrinkdue to divorce. The family generally doesn’t believe in divorce, and several ofthe Duggar offspringhave opted for a covenant marriage, that hasn’t stopped speculation. So, whichDuggar in-law is the most likely to abandon their marriage? Family followershave some theories.

Family followers think AnnaDuggar has the most reasons to abandon her marriage

Anna Duggar has weathered back-to-backscandals standing next to her troubled husband, Josh Duggar. First, it was revealedthat Josh molested several of his siblings as a teen, then he admitted tocheating on his wife. While Anna has yet to desert her marriage, insiders claimtheir life together is not a happy one. Accordingto a Reddit user whose connection to the famous family was verified, Annaappeared quite unhappy for several years following the scandals, and Josh didn’tseem particularly repentant.

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Sure, Anna has stayed thus far,but it’s always possible she’ll decide to end the marriage the next time ascandal threatens to topple the family’s media empire. That scandal could bejust around the corner, too. Family followers strongly believe that Josh was atthe center of an investigation carried out by theDepartment of Homeland Security back in November 2019.

Some fans think Ben Seewald will tireof his boring life

BenSeewald began courting Jessa Duggar when he was just 17 years old. It’sbeen almost 6 years since they tied the knot, and they’ve added three children tothe family during that time. Everything seems to be going well enough, at leastpublicly, but family critics can’t help but wonder if Ben is actually pleasedwith the life he’s carved out for himself.

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At 25, he has yet to build acareer of his own, and frankly, it looks like he may not have a choice in thematter. Derick Dillard has suggested JimBob Duggar prevents the Duggar boys from seeking employment outside of the family.With two sisters who have moved away and started careers of their own, family criticshave pegged Ben as the most likely Duggar in-law to suffer from FOMO. Whetheror not they will lead to a divorce, however, remains to be seen.

Insiders all seem to agree thatJosiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson are not a well-suited match

Josiah Duggar’s marriage is onethat hasn’t made a ton of sense to family followers. The 23-year-old father ofone has seemed sullen and unhappy ever since his 2018 wedding. There might be agood reason for his recent demeanor, though. Insiders have claimed both Josiahand his bride, Lauren Swanson, were heavily encouraged to tie the knot becausethey were both problematic teens. An insider who spoke with TheHollywood Gossip claimed that Josiah and Lauren are only playing alongbecause Jim Bob is footing the bill for their lifestyle.

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The insider suggests that fansshouldn’t expect the marriage to last if something were to happen to the family’sTV show. It’s hard to say which spouse would cut ties, though. Fans thinkLauren is just as unhappy as Josiah, although she appears to be better athiding it.

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