'Counting On' Star Jinger Duggar Proves Once Again She Is the Ultimate Duggar Rebel

Counting On star Jinger Duggar is taking her rebellious ways to a new level. Despite Jim Bob Duggar’s strict rules, Jinger reportedly rocked a new pair of short shorts while enjoying lunch with her family — proving yet again that she is the ultimate Duggar rebel. Here’s a look at how much Jinger has changed now that she’s living in California.

Jinger Duggar rebels with short shorts

An inside source claims to have spotted Jinger enjoying lunchwith her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and their daughter, Felicity, at a local pizzaestablishment in Los Angeles.

The family was joined by a pair of male friends and appeared toenjoy their time together.

As Counting On fans will recall, Jinger and Vuolo moved toCalifornia a few months ago, leaving their home in Texas and putting even moredistance between them and the rest of the Duggars.

Although having lunch with the family is nothing out of theordinary, Jinger’s attire is what really caught everyone’s attention.

According to RadarOnline, Jinger Duggar rocked a pair of short shorts while out withher family, showing off more skin than ever before. Considering how the Duggarsdon’t like the women in their family to wear jeans, we’re guessing that shortshorts are completely off the table.

Wearing shorts is almost unheard of in the Duggar clan, but thisis hardly the first time Jinger has rebelled against her family’s rules.

Inside Jinger Duggar’s transformation

When she appeared in 19 Kids and Counting, Jingerfrequently discussed her dreams of moving to a big city, far from the smalltown in Arkansas where she was raised.

Jinger made those dreams come true when she packed up her familyand moved to Los Angeles earlier this year.

Now that she is thousands of miles away from her family, Jingerseems to have undergone a major transformation.

Apart from the short shorts, Jinger Duggar was spotted lookingvery tan and blonde during an outing with her daughter in August. We have noidea what is going on with Jinger and Vuolo, but inside sources say that she iscompletely different now that she is living in California.

“Jinger seems like a totally different person,” thesource stated. “I was in shock when she popped out of her car with shortson. That’s something that goes against the family’s modesty rules.”

As Counting On fans are well aware, Jim Bob and Michellehave always taught their daughters to wear modest clothing, especially whenthey appear in public. They even started using a special code word to warn themen in the family if a scantily clad woman is in the vicinity.

Needless to say, they would probably use that same code word forJinger Duggar, who was showing off more skin in one day than most of hersiblings will do in their entire life.

For his part, Vuolo kept things classic and donned a navy suitfor the outing. Vuolo is currently enrolled in a seminary school and is workingtowards his Master’s degree in theology.

Is Jinger the most rebellious Duggar?

Based on Jinger’s behavior this year alone, a good argument couldbe made that she is the most rebellious Duggar in the family. But there areplenty of other instances where Jinger has broken the rules.

For starters, Jinger Duggar’s family did not approve of herengagement to Vuolo, but that did not stop her from marrying him.

She has also bent the family’s clothing rules more times than wecan count and seemed to grow more confident after exchanging vows with Vuolo.

Jinger appeared to take things to the next level when she agreed tomove to California with her family. Things have gotten so bad that rumors havesurfaced that Jim Bob and Michelle are thinking about disowning theirrebellious daughter.

Jim Bob and Michelle, of course, have not commented on thereports surrounding Jinger’s rebellion. The family usually keeps quiet when itcomes to rumors, so we probably won’t hear much until the next season of CountingOn.

Until then, it will be interesting to see if Jinger Duggar breaksany more of her family’s rules. Our bet is that she totally does.

The new season of Counting On is scheduled to premiereOctober 15.

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