Cronenberg’s new nightmare fans will love: Crimes Of The Future

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Here, the 79-year-old probes the same issues and pushes the same buttons that made Scanners, Videodrome and Crash so horribly memorable.

Once again, human evolution is the theme as we are thrown into a grim and very grimy future where pain has almost vanished.

Performance artist Saul Tensor (Viggo Mortensen) keeps growing new mutant organs and he’s getting them surgically removed on stage by his assistant (Lea Seydoux).

Kristen Stewart’s government agent is watching in a state of quivering excitement. “Surgery is the new sex,” she whispers to Tensor after the gory show.

Tensor may be the most famous producer of new organs but he’s not alone.

The authorities are very worried about the rapidly changing human anatomy, believing we’re now reaching a new stage of evolution that desperately needs to be kept

in check.

The dense dialogue and the slow but very deliberate pace can make for hard work.

But this is another Cronenberg “body horror” which will be very hard to shake off.

  • Crimes of The Future, Cert 18, In Cinemas Now

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