Daisy is stalked by a police officer in Corrie – after reporting her stalker

Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) has gradually realised over the last few weeks in Coronation Street that Justin (Andrew Still), the man who keeps sending her flowers, is more than just a nuisance.

His constant unwanted attention and the fact that he doesn’t seem able to grasp that she’ll never be interested in him is beginning to seriously impact her life.

‘She’s looking over her shoulder constantly, she never knows where he’s going to appear,’ Charlotte Jordan told us.

‘He is totally delusional and believes they’re in this loving relationship and Daniel is somehow an obstacle for them. She doesn’t know how far that delusion is going to go and she doesn’t know how dangerous that will make him in the long run and she doesn’t know what’s going to tip him over the edge. It’s just a really scary situation for her to be in.’

In episodes to be aired soon, it all gets too much for Daisy when she turns her phone on and is bombarded by a string of texts from Justin, who has managed to get her phone number. Daniel (Rob Mallard) says they should talk to the police, and Daisy shows PC Scott the texts only to be disappointed when he plays the whole thing down.

But there’s worse to come when she gets home and checks her social media, only to discover that PC Scott has ‘liked’ all her holiday photos. It’s completely inappropriate behaviour and Daisy is horrified to think that PC Scott could be stalking her too.

It’s at this point she comes across Justin in the street carrying a bunch of flowers. Daisy immediately assumes he’s coming to find her with the bouquet and in a fury she grabs the flowers from him and hurls them to the ground. When Justin tries to calm her down by putting his hand on her arm she’s revolted by the contact and reacts instinctively by punching him.

Despite having already reported Justin as a stalker, Daisy is then summoned to the police station after he reports her for assault.

Knowing that PC Scott, the officer who liked her holiday snaps, could be dealing with the case gives Daisy a sick feeling.

Will she ever be taken seriously by the police?

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