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DAVE Courtney has died at the age of 64, his family confirmed.

The actor's cause of death was not immediately disclosed, but he reportedly suffered a gunshot wound.

He is survived by his wife, Jenny, as well as his six children from previous relationships.

The self-proclaimed former gangster published six books and starred in several films.

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  • By Jennifer Korn

    Dave opened up about prison

    The former actor and author claimed he had spent time in prison.

    He said he served time at Belmarsh Prison as a high-security prisoner.

    Ex-prison guard Jim Dawkins backed up the claims in his book, The Loose Screw.

  • By Jennifer Korn

    Dave Courtney's previous struggles

    Dave Courtney suffered a minor heart attack in 2017, which he vowed wouldn't be the end of him.

    He had also claimed to have been shot, stabbed, and had his nose bitten off, during a life of crime and violence, reports the Sunday Mirror.

    His death comes just months after he had charges dropped for having knuckledusters, daggers, and throwing stars in his home, which were props for a film.

  • By Jennifer Korn

    Boxer Matt Legg mourns

    Matt Legg posted a series of photos along with the caption: "R.I.P Dave Courtney.

    "I only spoke to him on Thursday for my Dave Legeno tribute video.

    "And we were out together last Friday.

    "I still remember meeting Dave 25 years ago, which is the picture with the Knuckle Dusters on."

  • By Jennifer Korn

    Little is known about Dave Courtney's wife

    Dave Courtney and his wife, JennyBean, have kept their life private.

    It is not known what JennyBean does for a living, while some reports claim she is a rapper.

    There is also no confirmation that the pair had any children together.

  • By Jennifer Korn

    Dave Courtney's transformation

    Dave Courtney made a name for himself as an English self-proclaimed former gangster.

    He then swapped his life of crime and became an author and celebrity.

    He published six books and starred in several films.

  • By Jennifer Korn

    Camelot Castle, explained

    Dave Courtney's house was known as Camelot Castle.

    It is located in Plumstead, South East London.

    The actor's home is decorated with a number of union flags, the cross of St George, a painted depiction of himself and a large knuckle duster.

  • By Jennifer Korn

    BKB pays tribute

    BKB, a bare-knuckle boxing company that Courtney supported, paid tribute, saying: "We are saddened to hear of the passing of our longest running supporters of bare knuckle boxing in the UK Dave Courtney OBE.

    "Thank you for all your help over the years and our thoughts and wishes are with Dave's close friends & family.

    "A true BRITISH LEGEND. Love always x BKB & all the TEAM."

  • By Jennifer Korn

    Dave Courtney dead

    Former actor and self-proclaimed ex-gangster, Dave Courtney has died.

    He was found dead at his home in London with a suspected gunshot wound.

    His cause of death has yet to be confirmed.

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