Demon child Dotty Cotton returns to EastEnders

Iconic Eastenders problem child Dotty Cotton will be back to terrorise Walford after a ten-year absence.

And spoiler alert: she’s more of a trouble maker than ever before.

The character, who disappeared from our screens back in 2009, was last seen heading to the US for a new life with her mum Sandy, who she didn’t realise was still alive.

(Throw in the fact that Nasty Nick Cotton himself is your dad, and you’ve literally got a recipe for an explosive disaster.)

According to The Sun, she’ll be brought back into Albert Square by grandma Dot, after she visits them in their new home in Swansea, Wales.

Dotty will be back all guns blazing as she heads to London to start university.

Somehow we think that everyone else will be taught a lesson or two about the problem maker.

Milly Zero, who had previously appeared on All At Sea, will be taking over the adult version of the character, following Molly Conlin playing the younger version of the troubled child.

Speaking about her role, Milly said: ‘I am honestly so excited to be playing Dotty Cotton and joining the E20 family, especially playing alongside June Brown, who I have been watching on my telly since I was a young girl.’

Dotty was brought onto the series by dad Nasty Nick, with a scheme to swindle beloved Dot out of house and home by convincing her she had dementia before killing her.

However, after being instructed to kill her grandmother, she didn’t – and instead spiked her alcoholic dad’s beer with the pills he gave her.

…That didn’t stop her later calling the police on Dot though accusing her of abuse.

She also got caught up in a massive furore with Tiffany Butcher, so we’re pretty sure there’ll be a number of people not too happy with her showing her face again, even if it has been a decade.

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