Denise urges Callum to 'nail' Ravi but puts them both in danger in EastEnders

Denise Fox (Diane Parish) sought the ultimate revenge on Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) in tonight’s episode of EastEnders when she asked Callum Highway (Tony Clay) to ‘nail’ him in his investigation.

Viewers will know that Denise and Ravi had a brief fling, which came to an abrupt end when Denise realised where her true feelings really lay: Back at home with husband Jack Branning (Scott Maslen).

Since then, Ravi has been doing everything in his power to make Denise jealous, and tonight was no exception.

Denise’s quite drink in the Vic was disturbed when Ravi entered with a new woman on his arm.

Angry that he was deliberately trying to get a reaction, she left.

Things only got worse for her when she later discovered that he had taken his new woman to the same hotel he had summoned Denise to on the night that she turned him down.

It was then that Callum wandered past, having just earned a promotion to trainee detective, and Denise was struck with a plan.

Having heard all about Jack’s case against Ravi, she made Callum promise that they would ‘nail’ him, leaving Callum confused by her sudden passion.

With Ravi clearly involved in something dodgy enough to warrant a secret investigation, could Denise be playing with fire?

By pursuing this investigation, could Callum be putting himself in danger?

Just what is Ravi capable of?

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