Dion Dublin on his surprisingly best and ‘most unpleasant’ Homes Under the Hammer moments

Homes Under the Hammer: Dion Dublin finds a huge crack

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Dion Dublin spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about his time presenting Homes Under the Hammer. The ex-footballer joined the popular BBC One show back in 2015 alongside Martin Roberts and Lucy Alexander who had been fronting it since 2003. To this day, he is regularly travelling the UK visiting auction houses and filming new content. And over the years, Dion has seen an array of properties, but what are his best and worst memories from the job? 

Dion had a great career as a footballer, playing for England as well as several clubs including Manchester United, Coventry and Aston Villa. 

After playing football, Dion worked in the media as a pundit, commentator and football phone-in presenter on Sky and the BBC. 

But in 2015, he became the beneficiary of a BBC Diversity Creative Talent Fund grant for training promising future TV presenters. 

And with an interest in property, he began presenting Homes Under the Hammer. 

Next month, it will be six years since Dion joined the show and reflecting on that, he said: “It’s crazy! 

“It’s crazy how quickly it’s gone, it’s like I’ve clicked my fingers and it’s gone [so fast].” 

As for the best and worst memories he has, Dion said: “I’ve got lots of good memories, lots of good memories about [Homes Under the] Hammer. 

“The main good memories are when you go into a house and when you don’t have to wipe your feet leaving the house! When you can go into a house and walk in when it’s not filthy!  

“I actually did an interview once – and this is the worst part – I did an interview once where I was chatting to a contributor, this is when we had a full team of people, the director was there, there were two camera operators there, and the director was in between the two camera operatives,” he explained. 

“I had a list of questions, and he [the director] is listening to my interview, he’s making sure I’m asking the right questions, he’s ticking them off; ‘What’s your budget? How long is it going to take?’ 

“And then everybody looked to their left while I was doing this interview and then they looked back at me and I carried on.

“After I finished asking the questions, I waited for the answer to finish and I said ‘What’s wrong? What’s wrong? What’s wrong?’ 

“And they said ‘We’ve just seen a few rats running about where you’re standing!’ 

“So there’s a bull-up of wood and there’s just rats living underneath your feet and rats running around while you’re doing the interview which wasn’t very pleasant!” 

Dion added: “We finished the show, rats aren’t scary – come on! I’m six foot two and a half!” 

While Dion can be seen on weekdays at 10am, he is also appearing on the latest series of Celebrity MasterChef. 

Speaking about the hardest thing he had to cook when on the show, Dion said it was “the very first thing” he cooked. 

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“One of the hardest things was not being nervous when you walked into the kitchen – that was mind blowing, thinking ‘I’ve seen this on TV and now i’m actually here!’ 

“It’s quite surreal to walk through the doors, it’s so scary! So scary – ridiculous! 

“Why would I panic? I’m a big man, I’ve played in front of 100,000 people but when you’re in the kitchen and the camera is on and those two [John Torode and Gregg Wallace] walk out and they don’t mess about, this is business, this is work, you get no favours,” he added. 

Homes Under the Hammer airs weekdays at 10am and you can catch Dion Dublin on Celebrity MasterChef this week at 9pm on BBC One. 

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