Doctor Who fans worried series is turning into Greta Thunberg-style sermon

Doctor Who fans are worried the sci-fi series is turning into an eco-warrior style sermon.

In Sunday’s episode about climate change, The Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) and her pals landed on a dead planet called Orphan 55.

However, in a twist, they discovered it was Earth in the future. And the Time Lord warns her companions: “Unless people face facts and change, catastrophe is coming.”

Now fans have slammed show boss Chris Chibnall for turning the programme into a preacher’s playground.

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One fan tweeted: “I used to quite like Doctor Who when it was about science fiction. I wonder what social issue The Doc will be tackling next?”

Another posted: “OMG The Doc’s getting political”.

Chibnall came under fire in 2018 during his first season as show boss.

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Many did not like the fact that for the first time The Doctor was being played by a woman and they felt the casting was “too PC” by hiring a black actor, an Asian actress and a middle-aged white man (Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill and Bradley Walsh).

There were also complaints about a story called Rosa, about Rosa Parks and historical racism.

Chibnall said: “In the week after Rosa aired we were deluged with calls, emails, letters from parents and kids. We’ve got videos of kids shouting at the TV going: ‘Go Rosa’.” The BBC declined to comment.

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