Does Maggie die in The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead: Season 11 previewed in tense new trailer

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The Walking Dead is sadly coming to an end after more than a decade on our screens. The AMC and Disney Plus zombie drama kicked off in America yesterday, Sunday, August 22, and internationally this morning. The previous series saw the return of Maggie Rhee (played by Lauren Cohan) but a lot has changed since she went away.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from The Walking Dead.

Maggie has wanted to see Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) dead since he beat Glenn (Steven Yeun) to death in the season seven premiere.

However, over the years, he has been able to redeem himself in some ways as he killed Alpha (Samantha Morton) which was vital in ending the war against the Whisperers.

As a result of his actions, Negan was released from prison and given some freedom in Alexandria.

This of course doesn’t go down well and tensions are running high between them as she refuses to accept Negan has changed in any way.

Does Maggie die in The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead season 11 premiered with Acheron: Part I on AMC.

Negan and Maggie were not getting along and suddenly it turned into a life or death situation at the end of the first episode.

In the final scene, Maggie is trying to climb on top of a subway train but is grabbed by walkers.

Negan sees she is in need of help as she screams for her life but even when Maggie begs, he turns away.

At this point, the screen goes black and the episode ends on a major cliffhanger.

So will Maggie survive this attack or has Negan just signed her death warrant?

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has previously talked about series 11 leading up to the death of one of them.

He has even specified Negan may end up having to kill Maggie.

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Talking to TV Line prior to the premiere, Morgan explained: “I think she’s going to have to kill him, or he’s going to have to kill her, especially as we find them in the first two episodes.

“It’s not a good place to be for either of them.”

Unless someone else comes to her rescue or Negan changes his mind, it appears that Maggie could be turned into a walker.

If she does turn into one of them though, then Negan may have to kill her for a second time.

The Walking Dead will return for Acheron: Part II on Sunday, August 29, on AMC.

The synopsis reads: “The group discovers a member did not make it to safety inside the subway car.

“Surrounded by walkers, going back out into the tunnel to search is a guaranteed death wish. All eyes are on Negan as the rule of survival shifts.

“It is no longer No Man Left Behind. The motto now is We Keep Going.

“With very little ammo and energy remaining, the group must ready themselves as the walkers have found a way inside the subway train.

“Meanwhile, Daryl is in his own intense hellish situation trying to find Dog and finding more than he expected; and Yumiko challenges the process at …”

The Walking Dead is available to watch on AMC and Disney Plus.

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