Eamonn Holmes admits Ruth isnt romantic in marriage admission

GB News: Eamonn Holmes quizzed about Valentine's Day plans

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Eamonn Holmes failed to answer his GB News co-host Saira Khan when she quizzed him on what he’d got Ruth Langsford for Valentine’s Day. The duo took a moment out of Tuesday’s show to chat about February 14 and whether they exchange cards and gifts with their partners.

Saira explained her husband was away in France with their children but had left her a selection of gifts to celebrate the day.

“Can I read this out quickly?” Saira said to Eamonn before adding: “So he’s gone to France with the kids because it’s half term.

“And at three o’clock this morning he said, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day, the box that arrived for you has got a little present inside. There’s also a cord from me and another small present in my bedside cabinet’.

“I can’t wait to see what it is. So what have you done for Ruth?”

Eamonn paused before finally telling Saira: “It’s not me, I am romantic, she’s not romantic.”

“It takes two to tango,” the former Loose Women star laughed.

“I’ve got lots of other cards from lots of other people,” Eamonn proceeded to say.

“Have you? From who?” Saira quizzed before Eamonn replied: “It’s a mystery, I don’t know.”

“Do you remember that time when you were young and used to go to your locker and go, ‘Have I got a Valentine’s Card?’

“I’ve only got one from my husband actually nobody else.”

Eamonn joked his Valentine’s cards were from his colleagues at GB News.

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