EastEnders Kellie Bright life – cute family and age-gap romance to famous hubby

EastEnders fans know all about Kellie Bright's on-screen love life, as her character Linda Carter's relationship with Mick has often been front and centre on the soap.

But a lot less is known about the actress' real-life romance.

Kellie, 45, has been married for eight years, and when she isn't on set at the BBC soap she's a busy mum to three boys.

The truth of Linda's accident is set to be uncovered in the BBC soap as she becomes closer to Mick once again – despite Janine's meddling.

As Kellie takes on some emotional scenes in EastEnders, we take a look at her life behind the scenes.

Romance blossoms

Kellie's beau Paul Stocker is an actor too, and has had parts in soaps such as Casualty and Doctors a well as several stage roles.

He also played a soldier in Keira Knightley movie Atonement and had a part in award-winning drama Mark Of Cain.

Paul even popped up in EastEnders, playing a policeman interrogating Bobby Beale over the death of his sister.

Kellie and Paul – who is seven years younger than the actress – met while they were working on a play and started dating.

Bump in the road

The couple's romance hit a rocky patch when Kellie worried about whether their age gap would be a factor in their family plans.

They even briefly split.

She once told OK! magazine: "Reality kicked in. I was 31 and wanted to have kids, and Paul was 24 and didn't at the time. I felt it wasn't fair on Paul – I worried he'd resent me."

However, the TV star said she soon came to realise she was "cutting my nose to spite my face".

"I thought – what are you doing? Take your foot off the gas," she said.

Starting a family

In 2014, Kellie and Paul tied the knot, picking pretty Trelill in Cornwall for their nuptials.

They exchanged vows in front of family and friends, including celebrity guests such as Mick Carter star Danny Dyer.

Kellie had her first son, Freddy, naturally in 2011 and the couple's second son, Gene, was born in 2016 after IVF.

They had a terrifying time when Gene became ill not long after he was born.

The star told OK!: "He had a nasty cough but the doctors assured me he'd be fine. Then he suddenly went downhill so we rushed him to hospital where he was diagnosed with bronchiolitis.

"He had to spend a few nights in hospital on oxygen but he's home now and well on the road to recovery."

Pregnant at 44

In March 2021, Kellie announced that she was having her third child, after using an embryo she had frozen during her treatment to have Gene.

The star shared that during the coronavirus lockdown she and Paul had lots of time at home with their boys and decided they'd like another.

Kellie had three frozen embryos remaining after IVF treatment.

The first two attempts didn't work, but the actress got pregnant when the last embryo was implanted.

She faced some backlash over the fact she was expecting at her age.

But, hitting back, she told OK!: "If I was a man having my third child at 44, no one would bat an eyelid."

Baby Rudy

Kellie and Paul welcomed son Rudy in July 2021 and the actress has suggested he would be their last child.

Talking to the Mirror about deciding to try for baby number three, she explained: "I just never had that feeling of being done with having children. It's a really special and unique thing.

"I do feel very lucky I've got to experience it again. But now, 100%, I feel the family is complete."

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