EastEnders sexiest Queen Vic barmaids – from Kat Slater to Chrissie Watts

The iconic Queen Victoria pub on Albert Square, Walford in EastEnders is legendary.

Known for the families that have run the pub over the years, and also for the drama that takes in place inside, the Queen Vic really is the heart of the square.

It is said that that the pub was built in the 1860s and originally had two bars – the public bar and the saloon.

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According to former landlady Sharon Watts', the first owners were Mr and Mrs Bagstock.

But the most memorable landladies and barmaids of recent years have made an impact because of their fiery and very sensual ways.

From Peggy Mitchell to Kat Slater, scroll on to discover the top sexiest barmaids and landladies that have pulled pints behind the bar in the iconic Queen Vic pub.

Peggy Mitchell

The most iconic Queen Vic landlady in the history of EastEnders, Peggy Mitchell (Dame Barbara Windsor) will forever hold the top spot for sexiest and most memorable barmaids and landladies to have stepped foot inside the public house.

Peggy was at the helm of the pub between 1995-2001, and again in 2002-2010.

With busty displays and her perfectly-coiffed blonde hair-do, the pint-sized bombshell turned many heads while pulling pints over the years.

Peggy was always well turned out and often wore smart-but-sexy blouses with blazers and lashings of jewellery and lipstick.

Roxy Mitchell

Back in 2010 the daughter of Archie Mitchell, Roxanne "Roxy" Mitchell (Rita Simons) was left the iconic pub in her dad's will after his death.

With her dad's death taking place by the bar of the pub when he was hit over the head with Queen Victoria's bust, which sits atop the bar, Roxy decided to sell up and move on.

But despite selling up, Roxy still made her mark as both a landlady and barmaid, with the stunning blonde donning some very stylish ensembles.

With plunging necklines and her blonde hair styled in loose waves, poker straight styles or sleek up-dos, Roxy was undoubtedly the most stylish EastEnders character in the soap.

Kat Moon/Slater

When you think of Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace), if leopard print isn't the first thing that pops into your head, then you're clearly not EastEnders-obsessed.

But in all seriousness, Kat has been a very memorable landlady of the Queen Vic thanks to her loud-mouthed ways and penchant for all things animal print.

Kate was landlady from 2003-2004, and then again from 2010-2013, and could oftentimes be seen with a plunging neckline to display her cleavage.

With a bold pink or red lip, dark eye makeup and a healthy helping of bronzer, Kat was always one of the most glamorous people behind the bar.

She started off pulling pints with Alfie Moon as pals, before they fell head over heels, and they then ended up running the public house as husband and wife on two occasions.

Chrissie Watts

For one year between 2004 and 2005, Chrissie Watts (Tracy-Ann Oberman) was at the helm of the Queen Victoria bar.

Sexy Chrissie became landlady when she and her husband Dirty Den (who came back from the dead) arrived back in Albert Square to take back the pub.

Although incredibly beautiful with her red curls and smouldering eyes, Chrissie was a rather dangerous woman.

Chrissie ended up murdering her husband and even buried his body in the cellar of the pub.

Framing Sam Mitchell, Chrissie was known as being a little crazy – but that didn't stop her from being the sultry and sexy siren that she was.

Linda Carter

Stylish and incredibly chic, current landlady Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) has got to be one of the sexiest Queen Vic owners in the history of the soap.

Always looking well-dressed and immaculate while pulling pints or pouring wine, Linda has worn many a great outfit.

Often seen with her hair in a perfect bun atop her head, pink lipstick and bright well-matched outfits, the stunning landlady never fails to turn heads when behind the bar.

Owning the pub with her presumed-dead-husband Mick Carter, now that her hubby's body is missing at sea, Linda has her sights set on selling up and starting anew.

Sharon Watts/Mitchell

Angie and Den's adoptive daughter Sharon (Letitia Dean) grew up in the Queen Vic and eventually took over as landlady.

While Sharon was landlady and barmaid, she ensured she looked well-presented and incredibly chic.

With her husky voice and smouldering eyes, it goes without saying that Sharon is one of the sexiest ladies to have been behind the bar of the pub.

The blonde bombshell, who was soon to shack up with Grant Mitchell – and then his brother Phil – ran the pub and pulled pints galore from 1991-1994, again in 2001-2002, and then for a final time in 2020.

In 2020 she bought the pub with the help of her best pal Ian Beale, but this didn't last long and Mick and Linda were soon back behind the bar.

But now with Mick presumed dead and Linda setting her sights on selling up, will Sharon take on the famous pub once again?


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