EastEnders star plays charity match in honour of boy who died of cancer

The mum of a young boy who died of cancer has been speaking about how ‘overwhelmed’ she was when EastEnders star Danny Dyer, along with other cast members, played a football match in honour of her son.

The actor, who recently left his role as Mick Carter, can be seen pictured with Nikki Trehane, who said she ‘can’t express in words’ how grateful she was to see the famous faces play the game.

Ethan, Nikki’s son, died in 2021 following his diagnosis.

Danny was among the 2000 people who attended the match that was played at Sandhurst Town Football Club’s stadium on January 29, which would have been Ethan’s 19th birthday.

Following Danny’s departure from EastEnders, his next job will see him work alongside comedian Ellie Taylor, for a Netflix game show called Cheat.

His final scenes in the BBC One soap saw Mick Carter swept out to sea after a showdown with Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks).

While we haven’t seen Mick’s body, it is believed he never survived given his lack of swimming skills, how long he was out for and the freezing weather conditions in December.

The actor has recently been reflecting on his time in Albert Square and admitted his character had ‘lost his way’.

‘I didn’t quite know who I was playing anymore,’ star Danny told The Sun of his later storylines. ‘It was an odd thing.’

In addition to discussing his reasons for leaving, the popular actor also claimed that, in recent years, he’s constantly told by people that they no longer watch EastEnders.

‘All I got for the past couple of years was, “You still in that EastEnders? I don’t watch it anymore.” Constantly, that was the thing.  

‘When I first came in there was like seven or eight million people watching it, of course because of streaming services and all that stuff a lot less people do watch it.

‘It was more that people didn’t watch it anymore: “You still in that?” it was all that sort of dialogue.’

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