Ed Sheeran's fortune doubles to £160m — placing him above Adele on the 2019 Sunday Times Music Rich List

WITH a world tour that has kept him on  the road for more than two years, Ed Sheeran is  one of  hardest workers in music.

And he is  reaping the rewards.

Ed’s wealth has doubled over the past 12 months thanks to an extra £80million haul, the 2019 Sunday Times Music Rich List reveals today.

Ed is now worth £160million, and thanks to his massive Divide tour — which has banked more than £340million — he’s already earned more in a single year than any other artist in history.

But he’s still got some way to go to nab the Rich List top spot, which for the first time since it  began in 1989 is not held by Sir Paul McCartney.

The Beatles legend’s £750million has been pipped by theatre mogul Lord Lloyd-Webber’s £820million. It’s also been a storming year for U2, who made £14million in 2018, putting them in third with £583million.

Sir Elton John sits in fourth with £320million, while Rolling Stones duo Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are in fifth and sixth with  £275million and £260million, respectively.

Adele made £10million last year, despite not actually doing any music. Nice work if you can get it — but she did slide down four places to No22.

Queen have benefited from the success of film Bohemian Rhapsody.

Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon have each seen a £25million rise in their net worth thanks to fresh interest in the band’s music — despite Brian claiming the band haven’t made a penny from the release.

The movie has also seen Mary Austin,  girlfriend of  the late Freddie Mercury, re-enter the list at No35, with a fortune of £89million after he left her a 75 per cent share of his royalties.

Sting hit the £200million mark, landing him in the Top Ten for the first time. The Young Musicians Rich List sees Stormzy break  into the Top Ten for the first time with a £16million fortune.

One Direction still dominate though, with Harry Styles’ £58million only second to Ed.

Little Mix are sitting pretty on £45million, while Rita Ora won’t be complaining at No9 with her fortune of £18million.

It’s days like this I wish I could sing.


1 Lord Lloyd-Webber

£820m Up £80m

2 Sir Paul McCartney

and Nancy Shevell

£750m Down £70m

3 U2

£583m Up £14m

4 Sir Elton John

£320m Up £20m

5 Sir Mick Jagger

£275m Up £15m

6 Keith Richards

£260m Up £15m

7 Olivia and Dhani Harrison

£250m Up £20m

8 Sir Ringo Starr

£240m Up £20m

9 Michael Flatley

£204m Up £2m

10 Sting

£200m Up £10m

11= Sir Rod Stewart

£190m Up £10m

11= Roger Waters

£190m Up £15m

13= Eric Clapton

£175m No change

13= Robbie Williams

£175m Up £10m

15= Calvin Harris

£165m Up £25m

15= Sir Tom Jones

£165m Up £2m

17= Brian May

£160m Up £25m

17= Ed Sheeran

£160m Up £80m

19= Roger Taylor

£155m Up £25m

19= Charlie Watts

£155m Up £15m

21 Sir Tim Rice

£153m Up £1m

22= Adele

£150m Up £10m

22= Ozzy and

Sharon Osbourne

£150m Up £5m

24= Phil Collins

£130m Up £10m

24= John Deacon

£130m Up £25m

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