Emily In Paris' Lucas Bravo says show's cliche about French is true

Emily In Paris has made headlines in recent weeks due to some the tropes and clichés it depicts about life in Paris.

But the show’s star Lucas Bravo claims that the show is actually pretty accurate about one thing when it comes to the French.

Speaking to People magazine, the star – who plays hot chef Gabriel – admitted: ‘I understand all the critics — I am French, I know what they feel, how they feel and why they would feel that…’

He continued: ‘For me the biggest cliché, so to speak — that actually is so true — is people smoking after the gym. It’s so true.

‘You know, “Oh, after this big effort, the lungs are perfectly open and ready to receive some nicotine, so let’s smoke a cigarette.”‘

Lucas then added: ‘It is so French, and I was actually surprised that he [creator Darren Star] put that in the show. It was really funny.’

The hit Netflix series stars Lily Collins as a millennial social media guru who jets off to Paris for a new job at a boutique marketing firm.

As she tries to lend an ‘American perspective’ to her new French team’s business style, Emily finds herself struggling to adapt to various aspects of life in Paris.

Another cliché the show has fun exploring is the idea that the French are totally lax about the idea of open marriages.

Something which Lucas believes is more a ‘reflection of the conversations going on globally’ rather than just a focus on France.

He told Metro.co.uk: ‘The show is probably talking about something that has been a reality for generations for years. Monogamy is very recent in human history, when you think about it.

‘What we see is part of reality so I feel like this is putting in the light something that’s on everybody’s mind. That doesn’t mean I would personally live that way [laughs] but it’s a reality and we have to acknowledge it.’

Emily In Paris is available to stream on Netflix.

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