Emmerdale: Andrea Tate's exit explained as she abandons Millie at Home Farm

ANDREA Tate looks set to leave Emmerdale village for good next week as she abandons Millie at Home Farm after seeing Jamie declare his love for Belle. 

Leyla convinces Andrea to return to the village from her hideaway – but she announces she’s leaving again as soon as she sees her cheating husband. Here’s everything you need to know about Andrea’s exit…

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Is Andrea Tate leaving Emmerdale?

Official spoilers have revealed that Leyla manages to persuade Andrea to come home from the hotel she's been hiding in next week. 

But she’s distraught when she returns to the sight of Jamie and Belle in each other’s arms. 

Andrea then announces to Leyla that she can’t stay and leaves once again. 

Later, Jamie stumbles upon Millie in the kitchen – with Andrea nowhere to be seen. 

It certainly looks like Andrea has left for good, but with Emmerdale yet to confirm exact plot details fans will have to tune in and see. 

Is Andrea framing Jamie for murder in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale fans were convinced that Andrea was setting Jamie up for murder when she disappeared the first time.

With all the signs pointing towards Jamie, might Andrea frame him for the crime when she leaves the village next week?

With Emmerdale yet to reveal what's in store for Jamie, fans will have to tune in to find out what happens when Andrea leaves next week. 

Do Belle and Jamie have a future in Emmerdale?

Fans know that, despite Jamie’s determination to track down Andrea, his heart still lies with Belle. 

Speaking to Metro.co.uk about Jamie’s initial reaction following Andrea's disappearance, actor Alexander Lincoln said: "At the time of Andrea taking Millie, everything goes through his mind.

"Jamie is in the wrong with the affair and has driven Andrea to the edge. She could have gone abroad and she could have done something silly."

Alexander added that he believes there's little hope for him and Andrea: "I think at this point, especially with Andrea taking Millie, he is so angry at her for that, even though it doesn’t justify his behaviour. I don’t think he sees him and Andrea getting back together due to sheer anger.

"With Andrea out of the picture, Jamie has got everything he wants, Millie is back and things are back to normal."

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