Emmerdale couple torn apart as fans work out Caleb Miligans true identity

It looks like a fan-favourite Emmerdale couple is being torn apart as the show's fans have "worked out" Caleb Miligan's true identity.

The drama continued for the Dingle family on Wednesday, after Kyle Winchester (Huey Quinn), Cain Dingle's son, confessed to the murder of Al Chapman (Michael Wildman), and was hauled in by police for questioning.

He was convinced to do so by Cain's suspicious half-brother, Caleb (Will Ash), who also persuaded Cain's wife Moira (Natalie J Robb) that it was the right thing to do, leaving imprisoned Cain furious with his wife for letting Kyle confess, as she informs him Kyle is to be taken to a children's home.

Cain (Jeff Hordley) has been in prison for the past month after taking the fall for his son's crime. He and Al were locked in an intense stand-off in a barn before a gun was fired (by Kyle) and Al was killed.

Speaking to Moira on the phone, Cain raged: "I warned you, Moira I told you not to trust Caleb."

"I am sorry," Moira sobbed as she explained Kyle would be taken to a children's home the following day.

"His [Caleb] team still think they might get him a non-custodial sentence."

Cain then asked Moira: "Where is he [Kyle] now?" before Moira replied: "He's back here with me but he'll be taken to a local children's home tomorrow."

An enraged Cain then: "He wouldn't be going anywhere if Caleb hadn't made him confess, would he?"

He went on: "I went to prison for that man once and now he's having my son sent down,"before hanging up the phone, leaving a sobbing Moira on the other end of the line.

Many fans of the show leapt to Moira's defence after Cain's anger, as one tweeted: "I don’t know why Moira bothers she has only ever tried her best with Faith and now Kyle and all Cain and co do is throw it back in her face."

Someone else wrote: "What really annoys me is Moria being blamed yet again She was just doing what was best for Kyle. This storyline is a right mess now. I don’t trust Caleb he is up to something,"

Other fans of the show are convinced that Caleb and Moira are set to embark on an affair, with one tweeting: "#Emmerdale Is Moira Emmakiller going to have an affair with Cain's surprise brother, Caleb when he gives Kyle Alkiller, Amy Frankkiller's son, access to his legal team?"

People have also speculated that Caleb is not the innocent and helpful half-brother that he is trying to portray, and are guessing at his true identity.

One said: "I wonder if Caleb trained as a lawyer and works in Chambers somewhere?" whilst another said: "How come everyone in trouble gets a lawyer, but Caleb gets a team?"

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