Emmerdale Craig exit ‘sealed’ as fans ‘work out’ Cain and Caleb hostage plot

Emmerdale fans believe Cain Dingle and Caleb Milligan are holding Craig Reed hostage.

The brothers, played by Jeff Hordley and Will Ash, recently returned to the village from a mystery road trip and have kept the details of their time away well under wraps. At the end of Thursday's (October 5) episode, Caleb could be seen hammering nails into wood, boarding up the windows and doors at the abandoned house on Wylie's Farm.

"Nobody is getting in there," Cain told his brother before taking a call from Moira (Natalie J Robb). With Cain telling his wife that he was sorting things at the office, it became clear the brothers were up to something.

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Suddenly, a mystery figure inside the house began furiously banging on the window as Caleb muttered: "Temper temper". The brothers then drove away, leaving the unknown person abandoned in the house in the middle of nowhere.

Fans immediately began speculating who it could be, with many theorising that it's evil Craig (Ben Addis). "That’s Craig banging," declared one viewer.

Another wrote: "Finally craig can be nicked or killed by cain #Emmerdale." A third agreed: "Hopefully Cain and kills Craig." Viewers are certain that Cain will want revenge on Craig after he raped Sam's (James Hooton) wife Lydia (Karen Blick).

Lydia finally opened up about her terrifying ordeal with Kim Tate (Claire King) and fans are sure Kim's wrath could help bring Craig to justice for good.

Others have suggested it could be Harry (Robert Beck), who brutally attacked Caleb after he refused to get involved with his dodgy dealings. One wrote: "Oh could it be that Harry/Simon who Cain and Caleb have locked up? Let us at him!

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"We'll only let him go if he takes Chas for a mug even more and promises her a new life far away and that we can go longer than 5 minutes without silly gangsters and hostage situations #Emmerdale."

"Have Cain & Caleb kidnapped Harry? #Emmerdale," asked a second viewer. Another speculated: "Shouldn't that be who? Harry? Revenge for the attack on Caleb? Hence why Harry suddenly starts targeting Chas? But yet Harry was with Chas just the other day? So just how long has that person actually been there & why? Either him or Craig hopefully?"

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