Emmerdale – Does Gabby Thomas lose her baby?

GABBY Thomas collapsed in pain last night (March 8) after she realised Jamie Tate was manipulating her into getting an abortion.

But does the teenager – who is played by Rosie Bentham in the ITV soap – end up losing the baby? Here’s the lowdown…

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What happened to Gabby in Emmerdale?

Gabby grew suspicious of Jamie after overhearing him confess his feelings to Dawn last night in Emmerdale. 

Putting two and two together, Gabby realised that he was only being nice to her so he could convince her to abort their baby.

Gabby launched into a furious rant and threatened to tell Jamie’s mum Kim about his antics. 

But as she raged, it became obvious she was in pain. 

Jamie just stood by as Gabby collapsed onto the floor in a bundle.

Emmerdale fans were left fearing that Gabby had lost the baby.

One tweeted: "Gabby having a miscarriage and Jamie just stands there like a wet lettuce not helping her. I don’t get what the appear is for Jamie lol he’s a man child #emmerdale."

A second said: "Jamie just stood there watching Gabby fall on the floor, Jamie definitely deserve everything that’s coming to him!"

A third said: "Gabby's finally realised what a scumbag Jamie is #Emmerdale."

Is Gabby going to lose the baby in Emmerdale? 

Spoilers have revealed that Gabby doesn’t lose the baby following her collapse.

Next week, viewers will see the teen battling intense morning sickness. 

Meanwhile, Jamie struggles to get over his split from Dawn.

When Mack comments that Kim always gets her own way, Jamie is filled with hatred for his mother. 

Emmerdale producer Sophie Roper has teased that Gabby’s pregnancy will lead to a power struggle between her and Kim at Home Farm.

She revealed: “As Kim discovers a new heir to the throne, a fight for power will ensue. 

“Gabby will find herself at the centre – will she succumb to the temptations and manipulation at Home Farm?”

Why do Jamie and Dawn split up?

Emmerdale bosses are yet to confirm why Jamie and Dawn break up, but it's likely their split has something to do with Kim's scheming.

Later this week, Kim will tell Dawn that Jamie has been manipulating Gabby into having an abortion.

Kim watches Dawn tell Jamie she'll give him another chance and fumes, hatching a plan to break them apart for good. 

Later, viewers will see Kim spike Dawn’s drink at the pub, knowing she has a meeting with her social worker about custody of Lucas. 

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