Emmerdale fans call out Paul Ashdale photo blunder as Jimmy King battles to raise money for funeral

EMMMERDALE fans have spotted a blunder in a Paul Ashdale photo as Jimmy King attempts to raise money for his funeral.

The ITV serial drama saw a dramatic barn crash last week which claimed the life of the evil abuser.

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Haulage driver Jimmy, who caused the accident, is struggling with the guilt and attempted to raise money for the gambling addict's funeral.

However, fans were quick to notice the collection box that Jimmy had made, which featured a headshot of Paul's face on the front.

Viewers couldn't understand where Jimmy found the picture, while another fan suggested the snap looked like a promo shot.

One viewer chuckled: "#Emmerdale the pic Jimmy had of Paul looked like the promo photo from Emmerdale ads."

Another added: "That box with a picture of Paul's smug face sticking out is hilarious."

While another viewer wrote: "I know it sounds awful but I burst out laughing when Jimmy put the charity box on the bar for Paul's funeral #emmerdale."

Jimmy's gesture did not go down well with Dingles, especially Mandy who finally knows all about her ex-fiancé abusing son Vinny and his constant lies.

Still denying the beatings and constant manipulation he suffered at the hands of his father, Vinny was furious with his mum for telling other members of the village what Paul had done to him.

His rage was such that it showed signs similar to how his dad would act, which is unlike the scrap dealer.

Speaking of Paul, Mandy Dingle star Lisa Riley has revealed her character was set to murder partner Paul Ashdale before his death.

The actress said that an alternate ending was originally planned but was scuppered by the pandemic – and hinted it would have been Mandy killing Paul.

She shared: "This story was happening before Covid, but we just had a different ending for Paul's death."

"If the accident hadn't have happened, I believe we were days away from Paul being murdered by Mandy.

"If Mandy had ever found out about the battery and the bullying, she would have killed him, no two ways about it."

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