Emmerdale fans gasp as they discover identity of the father of Gail’s baby

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    Emmerdale fans were in uproar on Friday’s episode of the ITV soap (September 22) after discovering the identity of the father of Gail’s son.

    Viewers recently discovered that Gail had a secret son that she gave up for adoption, but had no idea who the father was. Tonight’s episode finally revealed that Ryan was the father, after the two had shared a night of passion.

    But with Gail learning that her son is gravely ill and in need of a bone marrow transplant, she snook off to the hospital to take a blood test in hopes of being a match.

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    With Marlon noticing her in distress, Gail confided in him and revealed that Ryan was the father and she was scared to tell him about the news. After he encouraged her to do so, she spilled everything to a shocked Ryan – who appeared to show no concern for their son at all. Fans were all stunned at Ryan’s reaction to the news, with some calling him “heartless.”

    “What an ar*ehole Ryan is. Surely you'd help a child if you could regardless of the circumstances?” blasted one fan.

    “Odd reaction from Ryan, wasn't expecting that # emmerdale,” penned a second.

    A third added: “He is your son Ryan and he’s dying don’t be so heartless!” while a fourth said: “Ryan's a bit of a be**end isn't he? Imagine not wanting to help a sick child when you have the chance to.”

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    ITV viewers have been suspicious of Gail (portrayed by Rachael Gill-Davis) ever since she showed up in the eponymous village once again in May, 2023.

    Gail returned to the Yorkshire Dales after four years of absence and rekindled her relationship with Ryan Stocks (James Moore).

    After having settled into Emmerdale once again, making a number of appearances in the long-running program, Gail was given a job in the Woolpack kitchen by her boyfriend Ryan, who happens to be the owner of the iconic pub.

    Unfortunately for Gail, things didn't work out for her in the kitchen and she was sacked by Marlon Dingle.

    This ultimately led to her bagging another job in the Woolpack as a barmaid.

    But while all appears to run smoothly in both her new job and her romance with Ryan, viewers of the Yorkshire-based drama have grown increasingly suspicious of Gail.

    Many have come to believe Gail may be too good to be true as she remains shrouded in mystery.

    Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV1 at 7.30pm

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