Emmerdale fans plead with writers to ‘get rid’ of ‘pantomime villain’ character

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Emmerdale fans fumed during Monday’s episode as they begged soap writers to “get rid” of Victor Anderson (played by Eddie Osei).

As the latest instalment of the ITV staple once again centred on the family clash, fed up fans soon took to social media to express their frustration over the storyline.

Twitter user @Reeceyboy2591 fumed “He’s [Victor] acting like a pantomime villain, can’t even take it seriously #Emmerdale.”

@pol277 asked: “When are Victor and Claudette leaving? #Emmerdale please!!!”

“Well, yet another episode of the Anderson Family show. I actually loathe that show now #Emmerdale,” @Carol44698330 complained.

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@BettyBlethers added: “I can’t quite express how much I despise the [storyline] of Charles/Victor and the mother. No way you’d let him stay on living in the same house. #Emmerdale.”

@Dan240993 shared: “Get rid of Victor please. #Emmerdale.”

@debbiecosway85 penned: “Ffs sort it out, Claudette and Victor are AWFUL characters. Get rid! #Emmerdale.”

However, some were invested in the storyline and felt sympathy for the characters.

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@ShirleyAFields9 posted: “What man of Charles’s age puts up with his parents moving in? No wonder Manpreet’s fed up #Emmerdale.”

@itzzzo_ commented: “If I was writing this as the shot of Charles standing over Victor after Victor said he is here for the duration I would’ve had Charles whack Victor right around the f***ing head!!!!!!! #Emmerdale.”

Victor has been refusing to leave the village after trying to convince his family he is no longer a troublemaker, however he and Charles (Kevin Mathurin) exchanged some tense words during Monday’s episode.

The instalment saw Victor deliberately riling Charles up.

“I’m here because that’s what Claudette (Flo Wilson) wants, and as a gentleman and a scholar I always try to please my women,” he remarked.

He continued: “You ought to try it sometime,” to which Charles asked: “What?”

“Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) deserves so much better,” Victor replied.

“I don’t know how she puts up wth you, I mean, who knows – if things don’t pan out between me and your mum I might try knocking on her door. I think Manpreet secretly fancies me.”

Charles lunged at his dad before Claudette walked out and saw, demanding him to let go of Victor.

Emmerdale continues on Tuesday at 7pm on ITV.

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