Emmerdale fans puzzled by Wendy as abusive ex threatens to let slip about past

Emmerdale fans were devastated when they saw the return of Wendy Posner’s abusive ex-husband Russ in the village just months after she buried his mother.

On Monday, viewers watched Wendy reunite with her horrific ex-husband as he tried to blackmail her out of his late mother’s inheritance as he attempted to worm his way out of another sticky situation.

But the mysterious criminal was left sorely disappointed after he found out his mother hadn’t left a single penny of her money to him, when Wendy informed him where the money had really gone.

Following her death, all of her money was left to Victoria Sugden’s son Harry, which added up to more than £50,000 in the tot’s bank account.

After Wendy informed him of the whereabouts of his mother’s money Wendy was left in floods of tears as she battled with herself in an effort to find a way around stealing from her the mother of her grandson.

It all soon kicked off as Wendy started a heated argument with Russ in an effort to protect Harry and Victoria from her evil ex.

As he put pressure on fan-favourite Wendy, the loving nurse explained the real reason Russ didn’t receive any money from his mother.

She argued: “Your mother cut you out of her will, it had nothing to do with me and everything to do with the fact that you treated her like you treated me, like a doormat, like dirt.”

“She cut me out because she was brainwashed by you. She didn’t even know if Victoria existed, or Harry until you told her,” he shouted. “What are you laying at Wend?”

Terrified by his consistent threats, Wendy sheepishly stated: “We’re not married now, so you can’t bully me anymore.”

Unconvinced by her new-found confidence, Russ warned the loving nurse that if she didn’t get him the money soon he would “let something slip” which could tear her and Bob apart.

And it’s fair to say fans were left completely stumped by Wendy’s mysterious secret which was so horrific that she fell for his blackmail rather than seeking support from the local police force.

Viewers soon took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the latest instalment as they theorised over what terrible act could possibly break up the two village love birds.

One user wrote: “Whatever Russ has over Wendy can’t be that bad, right?”

Another added: “What has Wendy done so badly she’s scared of anyone finding out? I’m intrigued although if I was Wendy I’d ring police on him.”

Another added: “Wendy has a secret too, I wonder who she’s murdered in her past,” with a cry laughing face.

A third chimed: “Unless bendy Wendy was really the ripper she’d be forgiven especially by Bob who just wants to be loved.”

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