Emmerdale fans work out Samson Dingles sinister next move

Emmerdale: Samson told about his daughter's trust fund

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Noah Dingle (played by Jack Downham) recently put some money he had inherited into a joint bank account as well as a large sum in a trust fund for Amelia’s (Daisy Campbell) daughter Esther. However, during tonight’s episode many Emmerdale fans have theorised Samson Dingle’s (Sam Hall) next move which could lead to devastating consequences for the family.

As the village came together to look for Paddy Dingle (Dominic Brunt), Samson took a short break in the Hide Bistro.

After Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) gave him the coffee and protein bar on the house, he turned round to see Amelia and Noah sitting at the table with Esther.

Looking into the pram and then at Amelia, Samson said: “Hiya! Don’t worry I’ll sit over there.”

Annoyed at Noah’s reluctant response, Amelia commented: “I thought we were all ok with each other now? So what’s the issue? I don’t want this negativity for Esther.”

Amelia caught Samson looking over at them once again before Noah jumped in: “So, are you ready for your meeting then? Who is it with?”

She explained: “Just with my head of sixth form and my tutor, but if I admit, I am a bit nervous, but they are letting me take her in.

“It’s just an induction day, I don’t start back proper until next week.”

Showing his support, Noah slid his credit card across the table and said: “And, you could go to town if you want.

“The account that I set up, not much use if I have to be there every time you want to get her something is it?

“This way you can get her anything she needs without any hassle.”

Amelia exclaimed: “This is amazing and you’re amazing. This is going to be a huge help and I promise I won’t waste any of it.”

She caught Samson looking over at them before Noah offered to take Esther for a nappy change, prompting Amelia to talk to him.

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“You know you don’t need to sit on your own. There are plenty of spaces near us… It’s just that I saw you looking at her [Esther].”

Getting defensive, Noah hit back: “So?” before Amelia slammed: “You’re always making out that you’re not interested, so why does it look like you are?

“Come on Samson, don’t be like that. I just think if you want to spend some time with your daughter then I’d like that and I am sure Noah would be fine with it.

“I’ll just have to speak to him. Please just think about it at least?”

Samson claimed: “I don’t know.. Things are alright as they are,” before Amelia gave up and walked away.

Whilst Samson may just want to keep his distance from Esther and Amelia, some fans have claimed they think they know what he has planned.

Taking to Twitter, @runninoncaffine commented: “Samson is a sneaky s**t knowing Noah has money for Esther! You watch he will do something to try and get close to Amelia #Emmerdale.”

@Itswitth2live added: “#Emmerdale Samson is planning something with that money. He knows there’s a large sum there… he’ll hurt Amelia again in the process.”

@itzzzo_ said: “Amelia ‘please just think about it but don’t scam us’ #Emmerdale she just predicted her own future.”

@Jamie27A_ fumed: “I think Amelia and Samson like each other again FUCK SAKE #emmerdale.”

@fussyMcWhiskers expressed: “#Emmerdale Samson ‘I am interested in her…credit card…’ he is up to know good and Amelia needs to realise that before it’s too late.”

@Chris1968E claimed: “#Emmerdale the wee sneaky sneering Samson pretending he’s interested but he’s only after the money.” (sic)

Now Samson knows Amelia has Noah’s card, will he use her offer to get to know Esther to get his hands on the money?

Emmerdale airs weekdays from 7:30pm on ITV.

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