Emmerdale Macks mystery lover confirmed as fans gobsmacked over pregnancy twist

Emmerdale viewers have finally discovered the identity of Mackenzie Boyd's (Lawrence Robb) mystery lover in a surprise baby bombshell twist.

Fans of the ITV soap had previously taken to social media to speculate who Mack could have had a one-night stand with – with some suggesting residents including Tracey Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) and Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham).

However, after Mack kept receiving multiple phone calls from his mystery lover, they were finally revealed as Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland).

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Mack and Chloe could be seen meeting up in woodland outside the dales, with Chloe telling him: "You've finally stopped ignoring me then."

Mack had previously told her on the phone, "You should not be calling me…there is no us," before saying to her in person: "The only reason I agreed to meet with you, was because you weren't taking the very, very strong hints.

"So I'll spell it out. I am not interested. I'm with Charity."

Chloe seemed shaken by Mack's reaction to her, becoming visibly upset as she replied: "You don't understand…"

However, before she had a chance to finish, Mack told her: "There's nothing to understand. You were a one off. You need to stop harassing me."

He then added: "You were a massive drunken mistake."

Chloe's reaction to Mack's cruel comments became clearer toward the end of the episode however, after she revealed to Kerry Wyatt that she had slept with the villager.

Looking distant, Kerry told Chloe to forget about him, saying: "If Charity finds out, she'll rip your head off."

Chloe told her: "I knew you weren't going to understand," before Kerry replied: "He's not worth getting upset over. You'll forget about him before you know it."

However, in a shock baby bombshell twist, Kerry left the house and Chloe pulled a pregnancy test out of her bag.

Reacting to the shocking scenes, one fan penned: "Mack and Chloe are bad as each other to be fair."

Another added: "Mack you are a horrible bloke. Chloe was good enough to have sex with, now you are dismissing her like yesterday's rubbish."

A third person posted: "Oh my god Chloe was the one he slept with, we finally found out."

Although Charity's son Ryan told Mack, "I'm keeping your secret, what else do you want from me?", this latest twist could see Mack's fling exposed.

Viewers will know that Mack and Charity sadly lost their baby in recent episodes, but with Chloe becoming pregnant with Mack's child, this is building up to be a further heartbreaking blow to Charity when the truth is revealed.

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7.30pm

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