Emmerdale spoilers: Aaron Dingle abandons sister Liv Flaherty as she's charged with Ben Tucker's murder

EMMERDALE's Aaron Dingle leaves his sister Liv Flaherty high and dry in court after he struggles to support her murder trial.

Aaron (played by Danny Miller) struggles in court as he wishes he could just disappear instead.

With Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) by his side promising him they will face it together, they arrive at the court in Emmerdale at the same time as Belle, Sam and Vinny.

Before going into the courthouse, Aaron tells the group he needs some time alone before facing what is inside.

Back at the Woolpack, Chas expresses to Cain her worries over Aaron’s detached mental state, fearing he’ll do a runner.

Aaron pays Liv a visit in the courtside room before she goes on the stand.

He confesses to her there and then that he worries that they bring each other down.

As Aaron struggles to hold it together, Liv fears that this could be her brother's last goodbye to her.

Aaron tells her he doesn’t have the strength to keep supporting her anymore.

She pleads with him to reconsider, but the ball is in Aaron's court…

Ben was murdered by serial killer Meena Jutla, who killed him with a kayak oar after he discovered incriminating evidence that could have landed her in a lot of trouble.

Following Ben's brutal death, his boyfriend Aaron comes home to police swarming their home only to find out his lover is dead.

The evidence that got him killed was body cam footage, which showed Jutla trying to drown Victoria Barton.

An innocent Ben was snooping around the footage to clear his own name after the rope bridge collapsed and he got the blame.

In the footage, it wasn't clear who the culprit was trying to kill Victoria but Jutla didn't want to take the risk and took Ben out before he could tell another soul.

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