Emmerdales Jamie Tate return sealed as fans predict Thomas christening twist

Emmerdale's Jamie Tate could be set for an epic return to the soap as his son Thomas is christened.

The character, who is played by Alexander Lincoln, was thought to have drowned after crashing his car into a lake last year but actually faked his death and is alive and well.

He has been living away from the village with daughter Millie and her gran Hazel, and so far his secret has been safe.

But it looks as if that may be about to change.

In Wednesday night’s episode of the ITV soap, it was agreed that Millie would be attending the christening – where she could end up letting the cat out of the bag.

Hazel was seen making a panicked call to Jamie about the whole thing, although he wasn't actually seen on screen.

And fans are now convinced it means he is returning.

"Millie is definitely gonna let slip that her dad is alive calling it now, or Jamie turns up at the christening tomorrow," one viewer wrote on Twitter.

"Jamie Tate is back…" said another fan.

One tweeted: "Think Jamie Tate is about to pop up again!"

"Let me guess, they'll soon discover that Jamie is actually alive!" guessed another fan of the soap.

"If this christening drama isn't to bring back Jamie then what is the point," asked another person.

"Jamie's obviously gonna make a shock return literally just in time for little Thomas's Christening unfortunately right?" asked another fan on Twitter.

One teased: "Jamie Tate incoming…"

Another fan thought the secret might be revealed in a different way.

They tweeted: "Predictions for tomorrow: Millie almost lets it slip Jamie is alive but doesn't… Hazel then rings Jamie to tell him how the christening went… but of course! Convo is overheard by Will or Gabby! Who then tell Kim her son is alive!"

Gabby and Kim butted heads in Wednesday's episode over the christening arrangements, with Kim levying to delay the ceremony until her sick granddaughter Milly could come.

Things turned feisty as Gabby ruined Thomas' christening dress and insisted that all of her family could attend – and not everything had to be about Kim.

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